• EScouter 14.01.2014

    6912268115_0706726416_o.jpgI'm thinking about how we organize the crafty part(s) of our lives. I've found lots of ideas and suggestions around the web, many of which are ingenious and a lot of which not only are organized but also very pretty visually and provide a great atmosphere to be in while we are being creative.

  • EScouter 18.12.2013

    This EScouter, we look at gifts for fibre-lovers, for those among us who make things for us, who love to work with wool and other fibres, and who tirelessly and continuously have something in process on the needles, on the wheel, on the loom and also have a queue list which could reach the moon.

  • Ennea EScouter 22.11.2013

    Pretty little maidens, all in a row. I probably don't need to say any more. Some of you are already scrolling onwards looking for the eye candy. [...]

  • Ennea EScouter, 15.11.13

    This week, we take a look around for ways to do up a Handmade Holidays. [...]

  • Ennea EScouter, 08.11.13

    Given we awoke to 3 inches [7.6cm] of snow on the ground (and on the car, eek) here in Ontario this morning, I thought it was high time to seek out some sweater knitting inspiration! [...]

  • Indie Spotlight : Winemakerssister

    In this spotlight, we meet Heather of Winemakerssister.

  • Indie Spotlight : The Woolen Rabbit

    Kim Kaslow of The Woolen Rabbit. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight • 7 : Hedgehog Fibres

    This issue we feature Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight • 6 : The Sweet Sheep Wool Shoppe

    This Issue, Anne chats with Michelle Szeghalmi-Shirley of The Sweet Sheep Wool Shoppe. [...]

  • Fibre Club Listings • 5

    Are you a club-hopper? Always looking for excitement? Here are some wonderful clubs for you to check out. [...]

  • Fibre Market • 5

    Visit our sponsors' websites for all sorts of fibre-y wonderfulness. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight • 5 : SweetGeorgia Yarns

    Felicia Lo of SweetGeorgia Yarns. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight • 4 : FatCatKnits

    Meet Ginny Tullock of FatCatKnits. [...]

  • Shepherd's Realm • 4 - Nancy Zeller of Long Ridge Farm

    I first learned about CVM/Romeldale sheep from an article written by Laurie Ball-Gisch for The Shepherd magazine in January 2002. I was raising a small flock of sheep but looking to commit to one breed with both preservation and fine wool in mind. And so began my instant fondness and affection for the rarest, most endangered breed of sheep in North America today.

  • Spinster's Corner • 4

    If you are spinner, you know that it's great fun choosing a fiber to spin, and simply sitting down at your wheel and letting yourself enjoy the process of creating yarn. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but what if you want to reverse the process, and have a commercial yarn in mind that you'd like to duplicate for a specific project or project type?

  • Shepherd's Realm: Corriedale at Serenity Farms

    Corriedale wool, Corriedale yarn, Corriedale sheep….what do you think of when you hear Corriedale? [...]

  • Review : Sweetness Soak

    This limited edition version of Soak by The Sweet Sheep is delightful! [...]

  • Review • 2: Phat Fiber Sampler Box

    Have you wondered what all the buzz is about the Phat Fiber boxes? This month, we'll give you a peek into the October box and tell you a little bit about the sampler boxes. [...]

  • ATE: combs, dizes, gauges & stitch markers

    (Anne, the Enabler, in case you were wondering). Here are Anne's latest goodies, seen around the Interwebs. [...]

  • Indie Corner : Kimber of FiberOptic Yarns

    This issue, Anne profiles indie dyer Kimber Baldwin of FiberOptic Yarns. [...]