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Tools : Finders Keepers Stitch Markers

When I think back over the years about all the different little gizmos I’ve used to mark stitches in a pinch, I realized I was forced to be pretty imaginative. I would use anything that would hold a stitch or slip over my needles; plastic bread closures, twisty ties, lengths of contrasting yarn, safety pins, paper clips, straws cut to size, even cheerios (and yes they held up just as badly as you’d think). I decided to explore and experiment with a multitude of objects that would not only be functional stitch markers but would be sturdy, a bit outside the box, hold some intrigue, and burst with fun vibrant colors. […]

Product Review : The Color Grid by Gail Callahan

So, I’m planning to weave up some plain-weave two-colour scarves for an artisan show I’m involved in at the end of November. Combining two separate colours together in my mind from what I have around the studio in cottons and/or cotton-linen (one colour for the warp, one for the weft, keeping it simple) led me to reviewing the Color Grid, by Gail Callahan. […]

Product Review : Notable Gnome

I was sent a lovely little box of Notable Gnome products to try out. Geared for folks who work with their hands, these products are made with all natural ingredients, many of them 100% vegan, are lightly scented and non-greasy, which makes them perfect for the dry winter months when your skin can use a little TLC. […]

Substituting Yarns • Commercial or Pre-spun

Most of the knitting patterns you’ll find on Ennea Collective are designed to take advantage of generic yarns, whether they might be hand-spun or commercial yarns. Although it’s not as simple as checking around to find the original yarn used in the pattern, as it is for many knitting patterns, it’s still possible to find (or spin) a yarn which will yield beautiful results. […]