• Review : Fleegle Spins Supported

    fleegle.jpgFirst off, I really like the format of this ebook! It comes on a flash drive in its own little storage tin. This is a great way to keep it stored securely and also will help to keep it from getting lost in the fray of electronic gadgets and USB drives and other paraphernalia we all seem to cart around with us these days.

  • Tools : Finders Keepers Stitch Markers

    When I think back over the years about all the different little gizmos I've used to mark stitches in a pinch, I realized I was forced to be pretty imaginative. I would use anything that would hold a stitch or slip over my needles; plastic bread closures, twisty ties, lengths of contrasting yarn, safety pins, paper clips, straws cut to size, even cheerios (and yes they held up just as badly as you'd think). I decided to explore and experiment with a multitude of objects that would not only be fu…

  • Product Review : The Color Grid by Gail Callahan

    So, I'm planning to weave up some plain-weave two-colour scarves for an artisan show I'm involved in at the end of November. Combining two separate colours together in my mind from what I have around the studio in cottons and/or cotton-linen (one colour for the warp, one for the weft, keeping it simple) led me to reviewing the Color Grid, by Gail Callahan. [...]

  • Product Review : Notable Gnome

    I was sent a lovely little box of Notable Gnome products to try out. Geared for folks who work with their hands, these products are made with all natural ingredients, many of them 100% vegan, are lightly scented and non-greasy, which makes them perfect for the dry winter months when your skin can use a little TLC. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight : Winemakerssister

    In this spotlight, we meet Heather of Winemakerssister.

  • Spinster's Corner

    Part 2 of Lisa Jacobs' extensive exploration of colourway creation through combining specific colours to blend into artistic yarns.

  • Indie Spotlight : The Woolen Rabbit

    Kim Kaslow of The Woolen Rabbit. [...]

  • Books : Color and Texture In Weaving

    There are a TON of things I like about this book. [...]

  • Review • 8 : The Crafter's Tool Butler

    Jordana Paige has recently released a new bag to complement some of the larger bags in her already extremely popular line of knitter’s accessories. [...]

  • Tools • The Yarn Caddy

    The Yarn Caddy holds your yarn on a spindle while you are knitting so it doesn't roll all over the place. It's very useful with a center-pull yarn ball. It also doubles as a distaff for spinning. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight • 7 : Hedgehog Fibres

    This issue we feature Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres. [...]

  • Book Review: Get Spun by Symeon North

    I recently purchased the Get Spun book by Symeon North from Interweave Press. Billed as a way to learn to spin "funky and functional art yarns", I was interested to see what I would learn from it. [...]

  • Spinster's Corner • 7 : Spinning a Beaded Art Yarn

    For the Spinster's Corner this time, I decided to tackle one of the art yarn techniques illustrated in Symeon North's book Get Spun, which I have also reviewed for this edition. I picked one of the add-on techniques, and decided to create a beaded yarn. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight • 6 : The Sweet Sheep Wool Shoppe

    This Issue, Anne chats with Michelle Szeghalmi-Shirley of The Sweet Sheep Wool Shoppe. [...]

  • Product Review • 6 : Spinolution Hopper Spinning Wheel

    Spinolution is a relatively new wheel production company. They began building wheels in 1983, and have a variety of styles to choose from including the Mach, the Queen Bee (their very small, foldable travel wheel) and the brand-new Wind, as well as their "art yarn" wheel, the Hopper. [...]

  • Indie Spotlight • 5 : SweetGeorgia Yarns

    Felicia Lo of SweetGeorgia Yarns. [...]

  • Book Review • The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

    Authors: Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius Storey Publishing, 2001 [...]

  • Books • 3 : Miriam Felton's Twist and Knit

    Now headed into its second printing due to popularity, knitwear designer Miriam Felton gives us a glimpse into her creative process behind designing a book focused on handspun yarns. [...]

  • Substituting Yarns • Commercial or Pre-spun

    Most of the knitting patterns you'll find on Ennea Collective are designed to take advantage of generic yarns, whether they might be hand-spun or commercial yarns. Although it's not as simple as checking around to find the original yarn used in the pattern, as it is for many knitting patterns, it's still possible to find (or spin) a yarn which will yield beautiful results. [...]

  • Shepherd's Realm : Angora

    Flower_Babies_1.jpgFiber farming’s smallest critters are angora rabbits, sweet little fuzzballs who can produce bags full of fleece every few months, fertilize the lawn and garden in an earth-friendly manner, and charm their way into many hearts with their surprisingly friendly antics. [...]

  • 2nd Annual Woodstock Fleece Festival • Woodstock, ON

    A relative newcomer to the fibre festival scene is the Woodstock Fleece Festival, which recently held their second annual event on Saturday October 23rd, 2010. [...]

  • Review • 2: Phat Fiber Sampler Box

    Have you wondered what all the buzz is about the Phat Fiber boxes? This month, we'll give you a peek into the October box and tell you a little bit about the sampler boxes. [...]

  • ATE: combs, dizes, gauges & stitch markers

    (Anne, the Enabler, in case you were wondering). Here are Anne's latest goodies, seen around the Interwebs. [...]

  • The 27th Annual Wool Festival • Taos, NM

    Taos12_1-e1287518193270.jpgThe scenic mountain town of Taos, NM, is the site of northern New Mexico's best-known annual sheep and wool festival. Nestled in the southern Rocky Mountain chain and known for it's great skiing and funky-crunchy vibe, Taos is home not only to a thriving outdoors, skiing and hiking community, but an artistic one as well. [...]