Ennea EScouter, 08.11.13

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Ennea EScouter, 08.11.13

by Lori Law

Given we awoke to 3 inches [7.6cm] of snow on the ground (and on the car, eek) here in Ontario this morning, I thought it was high time to seek out some sweater knitting inspiration!  It’s been one of those up and down falls here – ie. some of us were tempted to run the AC on Thanksgiving weekend (here in Canada, that was on the 13th of October) which is highly unheard of.  The cold weather is hitting hard and fast and it’s taking a lot of self-motivation to get used to.

However, being a knitter, spinner and weaver is great motivation to make it through the winter and take heart in the wool readily available to be made into something toasty and warm.  :)

Onwards with some sweater inspiration!  These are all finished projects found on Ravelry, photos are all © their original owners.

Multi Sheep Sweater by Ravelry member Frau-Holle

In her notes, she mentions the bases of her hand-spun yarn for this sweater:  Blend of wool from various sheep - Blue Faced Leicester,  East Friesian (a dairy sheep from Northern Germany) and Ouessant (or Ushant, a breed of sheep from Brittany in France).

handspun sweater

Handspun Sweater #3by Ravelry member yenhen

I like the way this designer/spinner/knitter combined a lively handspun Falkland (by Hello Yarn) with a commercial yarn in such a way as to show off the handspun.

Less is moreish by Ravelry member artandcraftlover

 This gorgeous cardigan began with braids of superwash BFL and a pattern by Amy King.

Toot Owl Sweater by Ravelry member marytiffany

This one is both handspun and steeked, created using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s EPS sweater system, Icelandic Style, and yarn spun from several bumps of hand-dyed wool from Spunky Eclectic.

Gilbert Cassidy by Ravelry member KnitAdmin

A version of Bonne Marie Burn’s Cassidy, from ‘Gilbert’ Moorit Merino Ram fleece, which she had processed into pin-drafted roving prior to spinning long draw.  Yum.

Now, this is a little bit of an extra, a way to [apparently] recycle wool sweaters : Swants, AKA sweater-pants, a Stephen West innovation.  Are they for you?



Images © original owners/websites.

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