Ennea EScouter, 15.11.13

by Lori Law

This week, we take a look around for ways to do up a Handmade Holidays.  With the soon-approaching Thanksgivingukkah on the horizon (menurkey, anyone?) preparations for holiday gifts are kicking into high gear.

Now, if you are doing the ‘handmade holidays’ thing in a DIY way, here are some ideas/websites to inspire and spur you on:

Sew Mama Sew’s Handmade Holidays

This website lists DIY handmade ideas in different categories every day, from sewing (of course), to baking, to paper-cutting, upcycling and more!  There is a lot of sewing to be found here, but also a lot of other interesting crafty ideas.  My favourite so far is the category for geeks, and this – a cross-stitched QR code.  I have no idea where my cross-stitch supplies have disappeared to, it’s been years since I’ve partaken in cross-stitch, but I think this is just such a modern nifty way to bring new life to a traditional craft.  :)

Image © Angela Bowman.

This next suggestion is probably a go-to for anyone looking for handmade ideas, but I think it deserves a mention for the plethora of ideas available:

Everything Etsy

 Image © Botanical PaperWorks.


Then there is Pinterest, which does not disappoint in the handmade holidays ideas department search:

This seems to be a very popular pin.

Or, check this listing of boards all about Handmade Holidays, featuring goodies such as this fun knitted stars garland from Jimmy Beans Wool.

Image © Jimmy Beans Wool.

Don’t have time to DIY handmade?  Here are a few ideas about where you can get some online – The website which comes to mind most often to buy handmade items from is Etsy.

This article outlines, however, Etsy alternatives, which sell works by crafters and artists.

Also, remember to check your local area newspapers for listings of local craft shows and fairs.  Many vendors at these events go to a lot of trouble making their wares by hand and hope for buyers at this time of year.

So, there you have it.  All kinds of ideas to kick-start your Handmde Holidays!  Whether you are hand-weaver who whips up gorgeous scarves out of hand-spun for those who are close to you or whether you are only able to manage to cut out printables to add a festive look to your decor, or whether you just don’t have the time to manage anything yourself and need to look around for handmade items to purchase, you will be well on your way with these links.

Here on Ennea, we have our own little handmade holidays thread started in our Ravelry forum.  Are you making gifts by hand this year?  let us know!  There will be prizes!  As the holidays come to a close, we’ll pick 3 random posters to win an exclusive something from Ennea (we’re still putting together final prize determinations).  Our draw will be held around Jan.6.2014.  Happy crafting!

And don’t forget to check out our pattern listings, many of which are one-skein projects perfect for gift-giving.

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