EScouter 18.12.2013

by Lori Law

Sorry for the delay, this was to be posted a few weeks ago but life has been going on at a bit of a silly pace lately.  So, some of this will be a little late to be relevant for this holiday season.  However, there are always other reasons for gift-giving and some of this information will be relevant year-round.

This EScouter, we look at gifts for fibre-lovers, for those among us who make things for us, who love to work with wool and other fibres, and who tirelessly and continuously have something in process on the needles, on the wheel, on the loom and also have a queue list which could reach the moon.  If you are a knitter/spinner/weaver/all of the above, then this is the perfect article-slash-wishlist to send the link to non-informed non-wool people who may be shopping for you.

Short of making something for a wool person yourself, what else do you think a knitter/spinner/weaver would like to receive as a gift?

I know most of you out there who are knitters/spinners/weavers/all of the above are clamouring yarn! roving! yarn! batts! silk weaving yarn on cones!  But, once in a while, let’s divert ourselves from the obvious and think about other related things we might like as gifts.

First off, I can never have enough stitch markers.

There are an abundance available all over the place, from handmade to simple standard plastic Os.  Sometimes, they are made extra special for us – like these, which offer personalization options :


[Yes, I know, the last set is not a personalized set unless you know of a knitter who is also a penguin, but I couldn't resist posting the pic, because they are so adorable.]

And there are other wool-based accessories out there – keychains, mugs, phone cases, and more.



And, if your fibre person has it all, all of the accessories, all of the fun, already?

How about… a blanket.  Preferably made from wool.  We get chilly while sitting and working with our hands.  Even if it’s not hand-knit/hand-spun/hand-woven, I know I wouldn’t reject a nice cozy wool/alpaca/llama/cotton… (you get the idea) blanket.


And, lastly (not leastly) there are always gift-cards :

featuring wool people (the paper kind) -


and for wool people (the plastic/virtual kind), giftcards from Etsy, and other fabulous wool places around the web.

Ennea wishes you all the joys of the season and a safe and happy holiday time.  And, in 2014 may you knit/spin/weave to your heart’s delight.

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Don’t forget about our handmade holidays thread in our Ravelry forum.  Are you making gifts by hand this year?  let us know!  There will be prizes!  As the holidays come to a close, we’ll pick 3 random posters to win an exclusive something from Ennea (we’re still putting together final prize determinations).  Our draw will be held around Jan.6.2014.  Happy crafting!

And don’t forget to check out our pattern listings, many of which are one-skein projects perfect for gift-giving.

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