EScouter 14.01.2014

by Lori Law

I know many of you at this time of year are working on getting a solid start on your resolutions for 2014.  My lifestyle requires too many irons in fires and much of a balancing act given the circumstances of any particular day so I’m not one to make such resolutions myself.  But I do set goals, and I strive towards them 365 days of the year.

I know lots of folks do make resolutions as a way to get out of ruts, build new habits and achieve certain goals, and sometimes, these resolutions include such things as organizing certain activities, rooms, collections, etc.

So, I’m thinking about how we organize the crafty part(s) of our lives.  I’ve found lots of ideas and suggestions around the web, many of which are ingenious and a lot of which not only are organized but also very pretty visually and provide a great atmosphere to be in while we are being creative.

So, let’s start with knitting (we’ll delve into spinning and weaving another week).  What sorts of things are around to help us out?   Some of them are specifically designed for knitters/crocheter, such as needle organizers and project bags from Yarn Pop, Jordana Paige, Ashland Sky and Madbird  (to name a VERY select few).

I also like perusing styles and collections of ‘regular’ bags (those not exclusively marketed or described as ‘knitting’ project bags, but are just there for folks who might need a tote for something).  Which brings a question to my mind :  what do people who are not knitters or crafty folks carrying around spindles and fibre and other crafty tools actually need to carry around with them?  Just curious.

Kelsi Dagger Prospect Heights Convertible BackpackEuphoria in Light Grey /Diaper Bag / Outside Pockets / Pleated Bag / Shoulder Bag / Travel Bag / Large / Cross Your Body / Choose your Color


Regardless of where you look, there are oodles of fun and stylish ways to carry your knitting stuff around with you.

Next: craft rooms, specifically those which store yarn, needles, buttons, patterns, tapestry needles, crochet hooks ….  If you are lucky enough to have such a space, that is fabulous!  So, how to organize it?

Ideas :

Craft Room Tour

created at: 03/26/2012a lovely way to display colored knitting needles


I am presuming many of us are DIY types so here’s a list of DIY storage solutions.

I think this is great (right) : using recycled paper to make baskets, something that hasn’t crossed my radar before today.

Craft room - Expedit yarn storage. Like the pattern tote and knit baskets on top #craftroom #yarn #ikea

I use the same shelf-system (left) in my studio shop (Ikea’s Expedit).  It’s turned out to be a perfect match for yarn skeins.  I would think most cubed storage units would work well for yarn.

Peg Board Yarn Storage IdeaBut, if you don’t have a dedicated crafty room, sometimes, you might need to get, well, crafty about yarn storage (right):

I hope you’re inspired, now!  This is a great time of year to focus on our inside spaces where we spend a lot of time (again, this time of year) being creative and getting through the coldest days.

And if you are someone who makes resolutions to get organized, best of luck to you.  :)  Feel free to share your crafty resolutions in our Ravelry Forum or on our Facebook Page.

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