Product Review : Cézanne Bag by Jordana Paige

I was asked by the Jordana Paige sales rep to review their newest bag offering, the Cézanne Bag. The bag retails for $119.00US and is the first bag in their line to be produced by a new manufacturer.

Product Review : Notable Gnome

I was sent a lovely little box of Notable Gnome products to try out. Geared for folks who work with their hands, these products are made with all natural ingredients, many of them 100% vegan, are lightly scented and non-greasy, which makes them perfect for the dry winter months when your skin can use a little TLC. [...]

Orbspinner Scarf PDF

The inspiration for this pattern is the intricate, shimmering spider webs spun by the Orb-Weaver spiders during the summer months. In the early morning hours, these iridescent filaments, hung from garden plants and tall grasses, catch the light and any dew that’s fallen overnight. The pattern features diamond-shaped patterns in the center panel, with wide Estonian-inspired leaf-themed lace borders at each end.

Orbspinner Scarf : spin the yarn

This nicely prepared top is a blend of 70% super fine, natural gray alpaca, 25% carbonized bamboo, and 5% glitter. [...]

Fibre Club #3

Our newest Fibre Club, by Anne Podlesak, features yummy custom-milled roving made up of alpaca, carbonized bamboo…

Berry Patch Socks PDF

These simple, toe-up socks feature an easy lace motif reminiscent of ripe summer berries, perfect for picking or eating right out of the berry patch. [...]

Berry Patch Socks: Spin the Yarn

ecause this very deep, rich colorway was dyed on SW wool, it retained sections of white throughout, so I decided that I wanted to spin a 3-ply yarn to minimize high-contrast barberpoling and help the sections that were much lighter than the dyed sections blend the colors together more evenly. [...]

Indie Spotlight : Winemakerssister

In this spotlight, we meet Heather of Winemakerssister.

Indie Spotlight : The Woolen Rabbit

Kim Kaslow of The Woolen Rabbit. [...]

Review • 8 : The Crafter’s Tool Butler

Jordana Paige has recently released a new bag to complement some of the larger bags in her already extremely popular line of knitter’s accessories. [...]

Indie Spotlight • 7 : Hedgehog Fibres

This issue we feature Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres. [...]

Book Review: Get Spun by Symeon North

I recently purchased the Get Spun book by Symeon North from Interweave Press. Billed as a way to learn to spin “funky and functional art yarns”, I was interested to see what I would learn from it. [...]

Spinster’s Corner • 7 : Spinning a Beaded Art Yarn

For the Spinster’s Corner this time, I decided to tackle one of the art yarn techniques illustrated in Symeon North’s book Get Spun, which I have also reviewed for this edition. I picked one of the add-on techniques, and decided to create a beaded yarn. [...]

Ponderosa Snowfall Scarf PDF

Designed for a beaded yarn to show off some sparkle, this simple scarf can be knit with any weight yarn. [...]

Diamond Dust Tam PDF

This tam with it’s concentric diamond shapes and interestingly cabled crown is a great gift-giving project that you can knit in the weekend from any soft Aran/worsted-weight yarn. [...]

Crevasse Shawl PDF

This simple 2-color shawlette features easy lace bands with a deeper lace border, inspired by the cracking ice fissures and crevasses in icebergs. The shawl is a slightly elongated semi-circular shape, which is easy to wear and knits up quickly with fingering-weight yarn. [...]

KALs in progress!

Love a good KAL?

Hollow Oak Socks PDF

These socks feature a toe-up design to make the most of your handspun yarn. They have easy cables running from the toe up to the cuff and are sized for both S/M (women’s) and M/L (men’s) feet. They feature an easy and fun-to-work gusset heel and a roomy toe.

Indie Spotlight • 6 : The Sweet Sheep Wool Shoppe

This Issue, Anne chats with Michelle Szeghalmi-Shirley of The Sweet Sheep Wool Shoppe. [...]

Product Review • 6 : Spinolution Hopper Spinning Wheel

Spinolution is a relatively new wheel production company. They began building wheels in 1983, and have a variety of styles to choose from including the Mach, the Queen Bee (their very small, foldable travel wheel) and the brand-new Wind, as well as their “art yarn” wheel, the Hopper. [...]