Review : Fleegle Spins Supported

First off, I really like the format of this ebook! It comes on a flash drive in its own little storage tin. This is a great way to keep it stored securely and also will help to keep it from getting lost in the fray of electronic gadgets and USB drives and other paraphernalia we all seem to cart around with us these days.

EScouter 14.01.2014

I’m thinking about how we organize the crafty part(s) of our lives. I’ve found lots of ideas and suggestions around the web, many of which are ingenious and a lot of which not only are organized but also very pretty visually and provide a great atmosphere to be in while we are being creative.

EScouter 03.01.2014

Did you get a wool blanket for Christmas? Me, either. Guess I’ll have to knit/spin/weave my own. Probably what people were generally thinking, she can just make her own. ;)

So what do you do after the post holiday-madness is finally settled down? [...]


EScouter will return next Friday. [...]

Ennea EScouter 22.11.2013

Pretty little maidens, all in a row.

I probably don’t need to say any more. Some of you are already scrolling onwards looking for the eye candy. [...]

Ennea EScouter, 15.11.13

This week, we take a look around for ways to do up a Handmade Holidays. [...]

Ennea EScouter, 08.11.13

Given we awoke to 3 inches [7.6cm] of snow on the ground (and on the car, eek) here in Ontario this morning, I thought it was high time to seek out some sweater knitting inspiration! [...]

Ennea EScouter, 01.11.13

Welcome to our new column on Ennea!

Ennea’s new EScouter blog column will feature weekly scoops from around the internet, mostly from the wonderful world of artisan crafting, using wools and other fibres, as well as beautiful products to enhance your creations, storage ideas, new tools, and, more! [...]

Cook While You Spin : A Picnic Basket of Goodies

Whether you live in a part of the world where everyday is warm and sunny, or where a lone sunny day provides a special kind of joy, a picnic is the best way to celebrate. [...]

Watermelon Agua Fresco

Turn fresh watermelon, so plentiful and inexpensive during the summer months, into a refreshing beverage for both kids and grown-ups. [...]

Brown Derby French Dressing

The original dressing for the original Cobb Salad. [...]

Summer Fruit Salad in Sugar Cones

Fruit salad is always good, but serve it in a sugar cone and watch people line up for a taste. Sugar cones are required, the old fashion cake cones quickly become soggy. [...]

Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Cherries and Pistachios

This recipe begins with my Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. I swapped out the chocolate chips and walnuts for dried cherries and pistachios. [...]

Indie Spotlight : The Woolen Rabbit

Kim Kaslow of The Woolen Rabbit. [...]

Cintamani Socks : spin the yarn

The thing I try to determine, before I spin anything I would like to spin, is what the fibre would do best as, spun up, and what the make up of the fibre (in this case, Finn wool) would be suitable for. [...]

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Many MANY THANKS to Ennea Collective’s contributors. We cannot do this without you! Lisa Jacobs Lisa Jacobs spins, knits and plays with color in Coralville, IA. She produceds her own line of nature-inspired patterns as Fiber Tree Designs. Cheryl McLane Web: Purdy Thangz Purdy Thangz introduced shawl and scarf pins in 2010 in gemstone, glass, […]

Club #2 Mystery Pattern : spin the yarn

More info available soon! Watch for our KAL on Ravelry. Club shipments will be mailed to members over the next week. [...]


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