Issue 1 Index : Simple Pleasures

There’s a crisp sense of fall in the air, here in the Northern Hemisphere. There’s no better time to break out the needles and create for some small projects.

Babouches Slippers PDF

Lavish little foot coverings for lolling about in soft but warm luxury! These are knit seamlessly, in the round, using about 2oz of sock/fingering-weight yarn. [...]

Babouches : Spin the yarn

When I knit the initial design sample for these slippers, I used typical sock merino which is usually 2-ply, spun worsted style, with quite a bit of poofy twist for lots of spring while knitting and which also adds durability and warm to garments. My resulting hand-spun is based on typical sock merino. [...]

Another Phone Cozy

Yes, I know. Another cell-phone cozy. There are all sorts of these around. But aren’t they handy little things to have? How about one which uses up your leftover bits of hand-spun in practically no time at all? [...]

The 27th Annual Wool Festival • Taos, NM

The scenic mountain town of Taos, NM, is the site of northern New Mexico’s best-known annual sheep and wool festival. Nestled in the southern Rocky Mountain chain and known for it’s great skiing and funky-crunchy vibe, Taos is home not only to a thriving outdoors, skiing and hiking community, but an artistic one as well. [...]

Sidewinder Cowl

This pattern creates a sturdy, warm cowl that can also be plopped on your head for an earwarmer/almost hat! [...]

Mohs Mitts PDF

A textured diamond pattern graces the top of these mitts, named for Friedrich Mohs, inventor of the Mohs Mineral Scale, which of course, lists diamonds as the hardest mineral around. Diamonds are everyone’s friend with these mitts. [...]

Cuppa Joe Mitts

These easy-going unisex mitts are great for cool fall mornings when you want a little extra warmth for your hands. They are knit in the round and are a quick knit project, perfect for making several pairs for yourself or gifts. [...]

Spinning Leaves Shawl PDF

Knit in hand-spun laceweight singles to emphasize transitions from one colour to another, this semi-circular shawl embodies everything about the brilliant colours of Fall’s leaves. [...]

Sidewinder Cowl: Spin the yarn

The Sidewinder Cowl uses bulky yarn, perfect for beginning spinners. Christine also outlines how to ply from both ends of a centre-pull ball, using up every last bit of your precious fibre. [...]

Weaving Yardage Calculator – Metric

A calculator to help you with metreage calculations for weft and warp when you’re setting up your next weaving project. This version is for Metric (centimetres/metres) calculations. [...]

Weaving Yardage Calculator – Imperial

A calculator to help you with yardage calculations for weft and warp when you’re setting up your next weaving project. This version is for Imperial/US (inches/yards) calculations. [...]

Indie Corner : Kimber of FiberOptic Yarns

This issue, Anne profiles indie dyer Kimber Baldwin of FiberOptic Yarns. [...]

Spinster’s Corner : Pin-drafted Roving

A lot of spinners like to either pre-draft roving or split it into strips for easier handling during the spinning process. Pin-drafted roving takes care of that step for you! [...]