Foehn Cowl PDF

Like foehn winds, the Foehn Cowl will keep you warm and toasty, knit in fair isle style, doubling the warmth.

Instructions are included for TWO versions – a steeked version with a buttoned opening, and a version knit in the round without steeks. [...]

Dec.2011 Club Spinning – Foehn Cowl & Mitts : spin the yarn

The project base for this club is a set of matching gloves and a cowl, knit in a stranded fair isle pattern making them both squishy and extra-warm to block those winter winds.

Both fibres were spun to create a semi-worsted sport-weight yarn. [...]

Issue 7 • Late Fall 2011

  Winter Winds Blow, blow, thou winter wind, Thou art not so unkind As man’s ingratitude; Thy tooth is not so keen, Because thou art not seen, Although thy breath be rude. Heigh-ho! sing, heigh-ho! unto the green holly: Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly: Then, heigh-ho, the holly! This life is most […]

Indie Spotlight • 7 : Hedgehog Fibres

This issue we feature Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres. [...]

Book Review: Get Spun by Symeon North

I recently purchased the Get Spun book by Symeon North from Interweave Press. Billed as a way to learn to spin “funky and functional art yarns”, I was interested to see what I would learn from it. [...]

Spinster’s Corner • 7 : Spinning a Beaded Art Yarn

For the Spinster’s Corner this time, I decided to tackle one of the art yarn techniques illustrated in Symeon North’s book Get Spun, which I have also reviewed for this edition. I picked one of the add-on techniques, and decided to create a beaded yarn. [...]

Windchaser Shawl : spin the yarn

This yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite a while, now, waiting for the right project. I am thrilled to finally have it knit up looking pretty. You may or may not recognize it from our header graphic here on Ennea Collective. [...]

Windchaser Shawl PDF

The extra width in this crescent-shaped shawl makes it perfect to wrap about your shoulders to keep out winter’s chills.[...]

Icicles Cardigan PDF

Brace yourself against the wind in this striking cardigan knit top-down with a round yoke of icicles. I-cord edging lends a sophisticated finishing touch. [...]

Ponderosa Snowfall Scarf PDF

Designed for a beaded yarn to show off some sparkle, this simple scarf can be knit with any weight yarn. [...]

Diamond Dust Tam PDF

This tam with it’s concentric diamond shapes and interestingly cabled crown is a great gift-giving project that you can knit in the weekend from any soft Aran/worsted-weight yarn. [...]

Crevasse Shawl PDF

This simple 2-color shawlette features easy lace bands with a deeper lace border, inspired by the cracking ice fissures and crevasses in icebergs. The shawl is a slightly elongated semi-circular shape, which is easy to wear and knits up quickly with fingering-weight yarn. [...]

Cook While You Spin • 7

It is possible you were up late finishing the last of the spinning. Today your new yarn has gone for a bath and is outside soaking up some sunshine. It is a perfect day to make a couple of things that will not get you a whole meal, but will help you whip up something delicious in a shortened amount of time in the coming weeks and months. [...]

Water Bath Canning

Water Bath Canning is an easy way to process jars of acid (think vinegar) or sweet foods so they can be stored on the shelf. Water bath canning is easy, safe, and highly satisfying. There are a few things you will absolutely have to have, and a few things that can be improvised. [...]

Onion Relish

Onion Relish. Oh how I love my jars of Onion Relish. In the summer/barbeque season the Onion Relish is used straight out of the jar as a topping for sausages. It is also great as a side dish to pot roast or pork anything… [...]

Vegetable Stew

The recipe below is for a basic vegetable stew and creates a good foundation for your own personal embellishments. [...]

Enchilada Sauce

Enchilada Sauce is one of those great things to have on the shelf. Leftover chicken or a couple cans of beans, and whatever veggies you have on hand can make an impressive meal. [...]

Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas are so versatile. You can use corn or flour tortillas and whatever types of meat and/or vegetables you have on hand. Chicken, corn, and chilies are a favorite around here. [...]

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Issue 7 • Winter Winds

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