Orbspinner Scarf PDF

The inspiration for this pattern is the intricate, shimmering spider webs spun by the Orb-Weaver spiders during the summer months. In the early morning hours, these iridescent filaments, hung from garden plants and tall grasses, catch the light and any dew that’s fallen overnight. The pattern features diamond-shaped patterns in the center panel, with wide Estonian-inspired leaf-themed lace borders at each end.

Orbspinner Scarf : spin the yarn

This nicely prepared top is a blend of 70% super fine, natural gray alpaca, 25% carbonized bamboo, and 5% glitter. [...]

Windchaser Shawl : spin the yarn

This yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite a while, now, waiting for the right project. I am thrilled to finally have it knit up looking pretty. You may or may not recognize it from our header graphic here on Ennea Collective. [...]

Windchaser Shawl PDF

The extra width in this crescent-shaped shawl makes it perfect to wrap about your shoulders to keep out winter’s chills.[...]

Aeshna Shawl PDF

The unique crescent shape of this shawl is filled with fireflies and glorifies the border of dragonflies at the lower edge, stirring memories of warm, balmy summer evenings. The original hand-spun yarn takes advantage of slow colour transitions but the design will look delightful in many different styles of lace yarns.

Mystery Shawl KAL Clue #3!

Our 3rd Clue for the Mystery Shawl is available!

A Mystery Shawl KAL for Issue 6 – Clue #1

A little pre-Issue 6 fun! Mystery shawl – pattern released as a series of 3 clues.

Issue 6 Spin-Along #2! • Spin for a mystery shawl

I received a lovely 4 oz roving from Two If By Hand, named, We Took to the Woods. One of the things I noticed about this roving was that it was dyed tonally, with the golds at one end of the length and the blues at the other. [...]

Waterlily Shawl PDF

Tranquil waterlilies grace the body and border of this restful shawl. Knit top-down from the centre point. [...]

Kelp Garden Cowl PDF

This lightweight lace cowl can be worn loosely around the neck or pulled up over your head to keep the ocean winds out of your hair while wandering the beach looking for seaweed treasures. [...]

Cancale Throw Pillow PDF

In Cancale, the ocean color is a stunningly beautiful sea foam green and the tidal surge is the strongest in the world. The Cancale Pillow’s knitted waves and sea foam ruffle are backed with home décor fabric. [...]

Kelp Garden Cowl • Spin the yarn

The original fiber was a hand-carded batt from Funky Carolina, from her Luxury Batt club, featuring dyed blue-faced leicester wool, superfine white merino wool and silk with a very small amount of sparkle. [...]

Spinning Leaves Shawl PDF

Knit in hand-spun laceweight singles to emphasize transitions from one colour to another, this semi-circular shawl embodies everything about the brilliant colours of Fall’s leaves. [...]

Spinning Leaves Shawl: Spin the yarn

The Spinning Leaves Shawl is knit in a transitional lace yarn, so one colour moves to the next, without having to join a new colour for each colour shift. Here’s how to spin your own transitional lace yarn. [...]