Orbspinner Scarf : spin the yarn

This nicely prepared top is a blend of 70% super fine, natural gray alpaca, 25% carbonized bamboo, and 5% glitter. [...]

Windchaser Shawl PDF

The extra width in this crescent-shaped shawl makes it perfect to wrap about your shoulders to keep out winter’s chills.[...]

Crevasse Shawl PDF

This simple 2-color shawlette features easy lace bands with a deeper lace border, inspired by the cracking ice fissures and crevasses in icebergs. The shawl is a slightly elongated semi-circular shape, which is easy to wear and knits up quickly with fingering-weight yarn. [...]

Aeshna Shawl PDF

The unique crescent shape of this shawl is filled with fireflies and glorifies the border of dragonflies at the lower edge, stirring memories of warm, balmy summer evenings. The original hand-spun yarn takes advantage of slow colour transitions but the design will look delightful in many different styles of lace yarns.

A Mystery Shawl KAL for Issue 6 – Clue #1

A little pre-Issue 6 fun! Mystery shawl – pattern released as a series of 3 clues.

Posies Shawl PDF

This easy bottom-up triangular-shaped shawl was inspired by the small posies bouquets sold by Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady”. [...]

Weaving 5 • “Earth” Shawl with Sara Lamb

Several years ago, a friend and I agreed to exchange handspun shawls: hers for me would be knit, mine for her would be woven. [...]

Spinning Leaves Shawl PDF

Knit in hand-spun laceweight singles to emphasize transitions from one colour to another, this semi-circular shawl embodies everything about the brilliant colours of Fall’s leaves. [...]