Review : Fleegle Spins Supported

First off, I really like the format of this ebook! It comes on a flash drive in its own little storage tin. This is a great way to keep it stored securely and also will help to keep it from getting lost in the fray of electronic gadgets and USB drives and other paraphernalia we all seem to cart around with us these days.

Books • Spin Art : Mastering the Craft of Spinning Textured Yarn

This looks to be an excellent book.

I have to admit, I am new to art yarn spinning. But, given the amount of expertise and guidance in this book, I’m sure I could learn much from it. [...]

Spinster’s Corner

Part 2 of Lisa Jacobs’ extensive exploration of colourway creation through combining specific colours to blend into artistic yarns.

Books : Color and Texture In Weaving

There are a TON of things I like about this book. [...]

Book Review: Get Spun by Symeon North

I recently purchased the Get Spun book by Symeon North from Interweave Press. Billed as a way to learn to spin “funky and functional art yarns”, I was interested to see what I would learn from it. [...]

Spinster’s Corner • 7 : Spinning a Beaded Art Yarn

For the Spinster’s Corner this time, I decided to tackle one of the art yarn techniques illustrated in Symeon North’s book Get Spun, which I have also reviewed for this edition. I picked one of the add-on techniques, and decided to create a beaded yarn. [...]

Windchaser Shawl : spin the yarn

This yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite a while, now, waiting for the right project. I am thrilled to finally have it knit up looking pretty. You may or may not recognize it from our header graphic here on Ennea Collective. [...]

Spin 6 : Finding Your Spinning Noodle

Pasta is a serious business, it appears. The contents and sizes of particular types are governed by law on a global level, something many of us probably do not know.

So what on earth does this have to do with spinning? [...]

Product Review • 6 : Spinolution Hopper Spinning Wheel

Spinolution is a relatively new wheel production company. They began building wheels in 1983, and have a variety of styles to choose from including the Mach, the Queen Bee (their very small, foldable travel wheel) and the brand-new Wind, as well as their “art yarn” wheel, the Hopper. [...]

Review • 5 : HansenCrafts miniSpinner

Ravelry can have a bad influence on me. There was no reason for me to think about buying another wheel because my Rose was wonderful, but I started to hear about a new electric spinner, the HansenCrafts miniSpinner, and my interest was piqued. [...]

Weaving 5 • “Earth” Shawl with Sara Lamb

Several years ago, a friend and I agreed to exchange handspun shawls: hers for me would be knit, mine for her would be woven. [...]

Sweet Afton Vest : spin the yarn

Today, we’re here to discuss how to create a heathered yarn using a drum-carder or hand carders to blend different fibres and colours together. [...]

Book Review • The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

Authors: Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius
Storey Publishing, 2001 [...]

Spinster’s Corner • 3 : Batts

Working with batts can be a great addition to your spinning technique arsenal. They are a very versatile preparation, and allow you to spin yarns ranging from very fine laceweight all the way up to bulky, funky art-yarns. [...]

Cloche to Me: Spin the yarn

When I started spinning, thick and thin was what I was trying to avoid. One weekend I was in my favorite fiber store, and got glued to some art yarn that the shop owner had spun. It was, simply, gorgeous.

Ten Ways to Improve Your Fiber Art Photography Now

Only other fiber artists truly understand the hard work, time and love that goes into each stitch. Kristi Schueler offers photography tips to show of your fibre art and captivate your audience. [...]

Fibre • 3 : Felted Angora Mittens

In this tech column, Chris Morgan of Woolybuns Rabbitry shows how to make a warm, very soft, and very fuzzy pair of angora mittens from carded fibers.

Thicket Gloves : spin the yarn

Well-prepared batts are one of my favorite preparations to spin. For the Thicket Gloves in this issue, I selected two 2-ounce batts from the Artemis, Artemis Etsy store as I wanted a semisolid/lightly heathered yarn for this project. [...]

Whirligig Hat • spin the yarn

I normally find myself spinning sportweight or lighter yarns, and I wanted to challenge myself to spin a worsted to Aran weight yarn that would be warm and windproof for late-winter wear. [...]

Spinster’s Corner • 2 – Chained Plying

Chained plying is a great way to make a 3-ply yarn out of singles and preserve all the pretty hand-dyed colors in a handpainted roving. Learn how. [...]