The Ennea Collective came about as a result of a couple of spinning ladies sharing their project ideas, information, limitations and expectations via email.  Although there is a lot of knitting info out there, as well as a lot of weaving and spinning info, there isn’t as much around in the vein of using hand-spun for specific projects.  And this is what we found ourselves discussing regularly.  Our discussions involved such things as finding the perfect fibre for a sweater, how to spin the yarn, how much yardage we could expect to get out of 16oz of fibre… those sorts of things.

So.  Here, we are!  We decided to take it to a more official level.  And, well, we wanted to share the love.

We hope it becomes an informative addition to your hand-spinning, weaving and knitting go-tos.

We also wanted to offer designers a chance to show their stuff as well as receive a healthy remuneration for their work, and also for spinners to share their techniques.  Our advertising sections offer opportunities for fibre pushers sellers to show off their offerings.

In short, we hope to cover all these bases with Ennea, to enrich your hand-spinning and incorporate it into your knitting and weaving time, too.