Books : Color and Texture In Weaving

There are a TON of things I like about this book.

First off, I really like the COLOUR.  The book is filled with colour, in the form of inspiration, in the sampled yarns, in the photos, in the drafts for the various fabrics available for weavers to create using this book.  I have always been visually-inclined – as much as I enjoy a good novel and other forms of reading, I tend to gravitate towards visuals and colour.  So this book grabbed me at the outset, simply by way of the colourful, gorgeous pages.  It definitely lives up to it’s title, with detailed photos of all aspects of the processes involved.  The textures leap off the pages, inviting you to touch them.  It’s a very ‘artsy’ book which also speaks to someone like myself with a degree in Fine Arts.

The textile experience of author Margo Selby is very apparent.

The fact it’s about weaving also grabbed me.  I am a beginner weaver.  I am learning in fits and spurts and I am always on the lookout for ways to embellish and learn more about technique and process.  This book does not let me down in this respect.  It’s inspiring as well as technically illustrative.  I should stress, however, it doesn’t teach about the process of creating warps or how to warp your loom.  However, if you have a basic knowledge of how to do those things and have a few projects under your belt, the style and presentation of the drafts in the book are followable, even by beginners.  Each threading plan is accompanied by several different tie-up options, all of which have woven samples.

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The book’s presentation is very organized.  It begins with a yarns section with photographed samples of yarns used in the book and provides specific details about where to use a particular yarn or fibre and suggests combinations to try.  Then it moves into developing colour palattes using moodboards, gathering ideas, textures and colour combinations and then onto construction, composition, scale and visualized.

The book is then divided themes and collections, which are further sub-divided – inspirations, materials, detailed draft information, where to find ideas (everyday objects, taking photos, collecting different items).  Another section in the book which I find excellent is about creating technical records of your weaving projects with details about the warp & set-up, threading, a yarn sample, epi & reed used and the lifting plan, and including a photocopy of your woven sample.

There is an extensive section about how to finish your fabrics/projects which I think is one of the most technical I have come across so far.

In the collections themselves you will find just what the title implies :  colour and texture.  There are endless samples of combinations of colour, from simple black & white to complementary, to ombré, varying reps, symmetrical combinations… the list goes on.  In terms of texture, suggestions include warp checks, stripes, pleats, mixing fibres, using reflection, and weaving with non-yarn items, like paper and ribbon.

Again, an endless list.

If one wanted to try all of the projects in the book it would encompass years of weaving.  I suspect Margo Selby has done just that over her years of working in the textile world.

I expect I will find much in the way of weaving inspiration and projects in this book for many years to come.

In short, I think many weavers will find this book could become a pivotal one for their weaving book collections.


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