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In Monet’s Garden: Impressionist Color Blending with Marled Yarns

Spinster’s Corner – In Monet’s Garden

Colorful variegated rovings abound these days. Some are hand-painted by fiber artists. Others are produced in a variety of colorways by large yarn and fiber companies. Whatever the source, the modern spinner has access to a colorful array of fiber choices. Sometimes it is fun just to spin the roving and ply it on itself to see what happens. On the other hand, you may have a vision for the finished yarn or even for the finished project made from the yarn. In that case, a little bit of planning and a few tips about plying singles from variegated rovings help create a beautiful yarn that enhances for your project. […]

Books • 8 : Nourishing Knits

Knitting, spinning, companionship, wholesome food and warm drinks are each a wonderful thing. Together, nothing nourishes the spirit more! There is something about gathering together and sharing great food and drinks with others who enjoy working with fiber that bridges even the widest gaps to form amazing bonds of friendship. […]