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spinning leaves shawl knitting pattern

Issue 1 Index : Simple Pleasures

There’s a crisp sense of fall in the air, here in the Northern Hemisphere. There’s no better time to break out the needles and create for some small projects.

Babouches : Spin the yarn

When I knit the initial design sample for these slippers, I used typical sock merino which is usually 2-ply, spun worsted style, with quite a bit of poofy twist for lots of spring while knitting and which also adds durability and warm to garments. My resulting hand-spun is based on typical sock merino. […]

Another Phone Cozy knitting pattern

Another Phone Cozy

Yes, I know. Another cell-phone cozy. There are all sorts of these around. But aren’t they handy little things to have? How about one which uses up your leftover bits of hand-spun in practically no time at all? […]

The 27th Annual Wool Festival • Taos, NM

The scenic mountain town of Taos, NM, is the site of northern New Mexico’s best-known annual sheep and wool festival. Nestled in the southern Rocky Mountain chain and known for it’s great skiing and funky-crunchy vibe, Taos is home not only to a thriving outdoors, skiing and hiking community, but an artistic one as well. […]