Cook While You Spin • Breakfast In A Jar

by Terri Peña

I really like the new food “pyramid” for it’s easy to understand and implement visual.  I find myself planning meals with this picture in my head, and as a result the family is eating more fruits and vegetables than ever.

One meal I have a hard time with is breakfast.

Around here people make their own morning meal and it is often toast with jam, or eggs and toast.

Coffee?  Yes.  Sliced strawberries?  Not so much.

Because most of us eat on our way out the door, anything that is pre-made and able to eat in one minute is a huge hit.

Here are three make ahead recipes, both sweet and savory, to help start off the day with four squares in your belly and a spring in your step.  All are made ahead of time and stored in the fridge or cupboard until ready to eat.

When your hands are sore from spinning or playing with hooks and needles, take a break in the kitchen.  In the morning you can sneak in a little fiber time while the rest of the house has a good breakfast.



Baked Berry Oatmeal

Mini Breakfast Egg Puffs


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