History in the Making : Canada’s beloved Cowichan sweater


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However, here’s a nod to an iconic Canadian textile legend : the Cowichan Sweater.   As we head into the coldest months of the winter up here and, this year, Canada celebrates 150 years since Confederation, many of us turn to these beauties for warmth and comfort.

The traditional production of these sweaters, known around the world, has an even longer history.  Read on.

Knit wit: 5 things you didn’t know about Canada’s beloved Cowichan sweater

In the first instalment of an ongoing Canada 150 series exploring iconic domestic design, Nathalie Atkinson breaks down the history of the Cowichan sweater, which adapted the centuries-old Coast Salish knitting tradition to become, arguably, the country’s first cross-cultural fashion garment.

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