Indie Spotlight : The Woolen Rabbit

By Anne Podlesak
Owner/Dyer: Kim Kaslow

Q: How did you decide to start an indie fiber business?

It was a progressive thing that started with one sweet little german rabbit, which quickly grew to a herd of 15. I started dyeing angora and blending it with roving and discovered how much I just loved to play with color and fiber.

I started slowly building my passion into a business that I love.

Q: Favorite fiber/yarn and favorite color?

Hmmm….that is hard. I love so many different fibers. For yarn blends, I think I like my Opal blend the best, which is a blend of Merino/Cashmere and silk. One of my most favorite fibers however to spin is Shetland. Just love it!

Q: Sources of inspiration? What things do you see cropping up over and over in your colorways and/or designs?

Q: What project(s) are you working on in your spare time?

I am finishing up a few small show samples and then I am going to start Anne Hanson’s Leaving sweater. Such a beautiful design!

Q: Other mediums you like to work in?

Currently I have found that I have a weakness for fabric much in the same way I do with fiber and the colors….so much fun and another wonderful way to enjoy color. I also enjoy weaving as another way of using beautiful yarns.


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