Issue 2 Index : The Sea

The Sea

Ennea Collective • Issue 2

For centuries, The Sea has been a source of fascination and inspiration for humans. Paintings, books, poetry, and music; countless works have taken their theme from the ocean, it’s calm glass-like serenity to the fury of a winter storm. Our second issue features a collection of sea-themed projects. We hope you’ll be able to find a treasured pearl amongst them to create for yourself.

Issue 2

  • Issue 2 Index : The Sea

    Caledonia Tee Knitting Pattern

  • Sea Lily Hat PDF

    Sea Lily Hat knitting patternSpiralling cables and soft warmth make this the perfect winter accessory. Knit it up in heathery 3-ply as shown or your favourite sport/DK wool. [...]

  • Review : Sweetness Soak

    This limited edition version of Soak by The Sweet Sheep is delightful! [...]

  • Malaga Cove Mitts PDF

    Malaga Cove Mitts knitting patternMalaga Cove on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is a gorgeous spot for beach diving and snorkeling. Go on a day with a southerly or no swell for the best visibility. The twisted stitch and lace pattern re…

  • Meriel Mitts PDF

    Meriel Mitts knitting patternThe Meriel Mitts are a pair of simple, elegant fingerless mitts. Worked in the round from cuff to palm, they have an easy-to-memorize twisted cable pattern placed along the outside edge of the top of…

  • Kelp Garden Cowl PDF

    Kelp Garden Cowl knitting patternThis lightweight lace cowl can be worn loosely around the neck or pulled up over your head to keep the ocean winds out of your hair while wandering the beach looking for seaweed treasures. [...]

  • Sea Monster Bag PDF

    Sea Monster Bag knitting patternThis bag is modeled on ditty bags used by sailors for all of their gear. Those bags are an iconic shape: tall, with a circular base and straight sides, with a strap threaded through grommets around t…

  • Floating Glass Socks PDF

    Floating Glass Socks knitting patternFloating Glass Socks have a front panel of lace floats gliding from cuff to toe. The floats are bordered by netting, just as the actual glass balls are covered with twine. [...]

  • Cancale Throw Pillow PDF

    Cancale Pillow knitting patternIn Cancale, the ocean color is a stunningly beautiful sea foam green and the tidal surge is the strongest in the world. The Cancale Pillow's knitted waves and sea foam ruffle are backed with home déc…

  • Caledonia Tee

    Caledonia Tee Knitting PatternA simple yoked tee sweater with a delicately cabled design at the yoke and hem. This easy-to-knit design, knit in the round with limited finishing/seaming, is great as an extra layer while beach-co…

  • Tidepool Cowl PDF

    Tidepool Cowl Knitting PatternWaves along the water's edge sparkle in this cowl knit in a chevron pattern with garter stitch ribs to hug your neck. A nice accessorizing detail under a jacket or all on its own. [...]

  • Caledonia : Spin the yarn

    When I set out to design this pattern, I wanted to use 2 colors, one in a handpainted/multicolor and the other in a semi-solid colorway. [...]

  • One Fish, Two Fish Hat

    A quirky, whimsical, brightly-striped stocking cap, great for a day on the slopes with skis or your snowboard, or when participating in any outdoorsy, Seussical activity. [...]

  • Shepherd's Realm : Angora

    Fiber farming’s smallest critters are angora rabbits, sweet little fuzzballs who can produce bags full of fleece every few months, fertilize the lawn and garden in an earth-friendly manner, and charm …

  • Spinster's Corner • 2 - Chained Plying

    Chained plying is a great way to make a 3-ply yarn out of singles and preserve all the pretty hand-dyed colors in a handpainted roving. Learn how. [...]

  • 2nd Annual Woodstock Fleece Festival • Woodstock, ON

    A relative newcomer to the fibre festival scene is the Woodstock Fleece Festival, which recently held their second annual event on Saturday October 23rd, 2010. [...]

  • Review • 2: Phat Fiber Sampler Box

    Have you wondered what all the buzz is about the Phat Fiber boxes? This month, we'll give you a peek into the October box and tell you a little bit about the sampler boxes. [...]

  • Mermaid's Tale Bookmark

    A quick and easy project in worsted weight yarn for hardcovers, it can also be worked up in fingering-weight yarn to accommodate paperback book-lovers as well! [...]

  • Kelp Garden Cowl • Spin the yarn

    The original fiber was a hand-carded batt from Funky Carolina, from her Luxury Batt club, featuring dyed blue-faced leicester wool, superfine white merino wool and silk with a very small amount of spa…

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