Issue 3 Index : Winter Delights

Winter Delights

winter delights ennea collective
Winter Blahs getting to you? At this time of year, just before the freshness of spring arrives, cabin fever is usually getting the best of us. We have just the ticket to liven up your winter! Bursts of colour and many delightful projects await. Get your cheer on.



Issue 3

  • Issue 3 Index : Winter Delights

    spindle spun yarnWinter Blahs getting to you? At this time of year, just before the freshness of spring arrives, cabin fever is usually getting the best of us. We have just the ticket to liven up your winter! Burst…

  • Melusina Scarf PDF

    Melusina Scarf knitting patternThe fairy Melusina (or Melusine) falls in love with a mortal and agrees to marry him on one condition: he must never see her on Saturday, when she takes her bath. Enchanted by her beauty, he agrees, b…

  • Thicket Gloves

    Thicket Gloves knitting patternThis pretty accessory, simple to knit, will keep your fingers warm on winter walks. They feature an easy twist-stitch pattern on the back of the hands and plain stockinette palms with close-fitting ri…

  • Whirligig Tam PDF

    Whirligig Tam knitting patternThis easy-to-knit, brightly colored tam will brighten up any dreary late winter day. It features a simple knit/purl pattern that knits up quickly and looks great in multicolored or solid yarns. [...]

  • Scandal in Bohemia PDF

    Scandal in Bohemia knitting patternPerhaps you'll never have to make your escape from Sherlock Holmes, but everyone, including Irene Adler, needs a roomy messenger-style bag to carry all the essentials for an extended road trip. [...]

  • Lola Cowl PDF

    Lola Cowl knitting patternHere’s Lola – not the song by The Kinks, and definitely not the Brazilian temptress of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana. [...]

  • Lucky Mittens PDF

    Lucky Mittens knitting patternThick warm mittens knit with Bulky handspun are the perfect thing to keep fingers warm in the winter season… with beads, unique thumb construction and asymmetrical horseshoe cables for luck and style …

  • Lattice Ladders Scarf PDF

    Lattice Ladders Scarf knitting patternThe Lattice Ladders Scarf is a super fast knit, easy to memorize and totally reversible! This easy lace pattern lets the handspun yarn shine through while providing good structure and warmth when wor…

  • Winter Foliage Tam PDF

    Winter Foliage Tam knitting patternWinter Foliage is knit up using all the colors of a sampler pack of fiber. Designed for 10 different colors this striped hat adds a pop of color to the winter landscape and any winter wardrobe. [...]

  • Cloche to Me PDF

    Cloche to Me knitting patternThis is the pattern for my ideal winter hat. Loose enough not to completely flatten my hair, long enough to cover my ears, easy to smush into a coat pocket, and soft against my skin. [...]

  • Lola : spin the yarn

  • The International Back to Back Wool Challenge - Toronto Spiders

    The International Back to Back Wool Challenge is an annual international competition that challenges teams of eight (a shearer and seven spinners and/or knitters) to shear the fleece of a sheep, spin …

  • Winter Foilage : spin the yarn

    What do you do with those little sampler packs of small amounts of many colours? Here's an idea. [...]

  • Spinster's Corner • 3 : Batts

    Working with batts can be a great addition to your spinning technique arsenal. They are a very versatile preparation, and allow you to spin yarns ranging from very fine laceweight all the way up to b…

  • Cloche to Me: Spin the yarn

    When I started spinning, thick and thin was what I was trying to avoid. One weekend I was in my favorite fiber store, and got glued to some art yarn that the shop owner had spun. It was, simply, gor…

  • Ten Ways to Improve Your Fiber Art Photography Now

    Only other fiber artists truly understand the hard work, time and love that goes into each stitch. Kristi Schueler offers photography tips to show of your fibre art and captivate your audience. [...]

  • Meet the Indie • Two If By Hand

    Two If By Hand, the work of Ceylan and Maria of Dallas, TX. [...]

  • Weaving 3 • A Different Twist - Fire with Sara Lamb

    In June of 2009, I started spinning frequently on spindles. At first, I spun wool, intended for knitting or knotted pile, but soon I tried silk, and I began to accumulate skeins I thought would be pe…

  • Fibre • 3 : Felted Angora Mittens

    In this tech column, Chris Morgan of Woolybuns Rabbitry shows how to make a warm, very soft, and very fuzzy pair of angora mittens from carded fibers.

  • Shepherd's Realm: Corriedale at Serenity Farms

    Corriedale wool, Corriedale yarn, Corriedale sheep….what do you think of when you hear Corriedale? [...]

  • Scandal in Bohemia Bag : spin the yarn

    This was a really fun mental exercise in design. I wanted to try to design something that would utilize bits and pieces of leftover handspun yarn or maybe sample-sized skeins, plus one "typically siz…

  • Books • 3 : Miriam Felton's Twist and Knit

    Now headed into its second printing due to popularity, knitwear designer Miriam Felton gives us a glimpse into her creative process behind designing a book focused on handspun yarns. [...]

  • Thicket Gloves : spin the yarn

    Well-prepared batts are one of my favorite preparations to spin. For the Thicket Gloves in this issue, I selected two 2-ounce batts from the Artemis, Artemis Etsy store as I wanted a semisolid/lightl…

  • Whirligig Hat • spin the yarn

    I normally find myself spinning sportweight or lighter yarns, and I wanted to challenge myself to spin a worsted to Aran weight yarn that would be warm and windproof for late-winter wear. [...]


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