Oir Spindle Bag knitting pattern


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  • Knit : Iditarod Hat PDF

  • Upland Meadow Mittens PDF

    Upland Meadow Mittens knitting patternThese mittens are worked from cuff to fingertip, in the round, and feature a stranded colourwork pattern. They have a more rounded top than is usual, but are otherwise designed in the traditional Norwegian mitten style. This winter accessory was inspired by the summertime hay meadows of the northern Pennines in England. The slopes are dotted with stone barns (represented by the Faroese seed pattern on the palms) and myriad blooming wildflowers. [...]

  • Trinity Bellwoods Hat PDF

    Trinity Bellwoods Hat knitting patternWhen In Toronto, there have been sightings of rare Albino squirrels. These animals are so wonderful there is a street and a café named for them. In celebration, I created this hand-spun hat featuring white squirrels topped off with a giant knit acorn so you can be warm this season. [...]

  • PB&J Cowl PDF

    PB&J Cowl knitting patternWhen I saw the Hello Purl batts lined up in a neat little cubby at StevenBe’s Yarn Garage in Minneapolis, I thought of my mother immediately. Like my mom, these batts had a lot of interesting elements and a little sparkle, too. So, even though I’m just a beginning spinner, I took a chance and brought one home.

  • Orbspinner Scarf PDF

    Orbspinner Scarf knitting patternThe inspiration for this pattern is the intricate, shimmering spider webs spun by the Orb-Weaver spiders during the summer months. In the early morning hours, these iridescent filaments, hung from garden plants and tall grasses, catch the light and any dew that's fallen overnight. The pattern features diamond-shaped patterns in the center panel, with wide Estonian-inspired leaf-themed lace borders at each end.

  • Berry Patch Socks PDF

    Berry Patch Socks knitting patternThese simple, toe-up socks feature an easy lace motif reminiscent of ripe summer berries, perfect for picking or eating right out of the berry patch. [...]

  • Berry Patch Socks: Spin the Yarn

    ecause this very deep, rich colorway was dyed on SW wool, it retained sections of white throughout, so I decided that I wanted to spin a 3-ply yarn to minimize high-contrast barberpoling and help the sections that were much lighter than the dyed sections blend the colors together more evenly. [...]

  • A Recipe for Socks in All Sizes (Free pattern excerpt)

    a recipe for socks in all sizes knitting patternThis free pattern excerpt utilizes the numbers for women's medium (size 7-8). The complete pattern is written for 13 sizes, from kids to giants. [...]

  • A Recipe for Socks in All Sizes

    a recipe for socks in all sizes knitting patternThis pattern is written using tables to 'fill in the blanks'. Insert the tabled numbers for your size whenever you see a __ in the instructions. There are 13 sizes available in this pattern, from kids to giants, enough to make a pair for all the feet you know. Socks are knit top-down with a heel flap and gussets. [...]

  • Diamond Jim Socks PDF

    Diamond Jim Socks knitting patternMost men do not want lace, all over cables, or colorwork, things that are enjoyable to knit. Men usually want socks that are simple, dark, and long which can leave a knitter wondering, “When will it ever end?” [...]

  • Cintamani Socks

    Cintamani Socks knitting patternThe design of these socks is both bold and simple: pretty, easy on the eyes, and it doesn't compete with the wildly colourful yarn. [...]

  • Foehn Cowl PDF

    Foehn Cowl knitting patternLike foehn winds, the Foehn Cowl will keep you warm and toasty, knit in fair isle style, doubling the warmth. Instructions are included for TWO versions – a steeked version with a buttoned opening, and a version knit in the round without steeks. [...]

  • Foehn Mitts PDF

    foehn mitts knitting patternA foehn (pronounced like 'feign') wind is a hot dry wind which comes abruptly over the lee side of the mountain, also known as a 'snow-eater'. The most well-known version of foehn winds in North America are the Chinooks over the Rocky Mountains. Like these winds, the Foehn Mitts will keep you warm and toasty, knit in fair isle style, doubling the warmth.[...]

  • Dec.2011 Club Spinning - Foehn Cowl & Mitts : spin the yarn

    The project base for this club is a set of matching gloves and a cowl, knit in a stranded fair isle pattern making them both squishy and extra-warm to block those winter winds. Both fibres were spun to create a semi-worsted sport-weight yarn. [...]

  • Windchaser Shawl PDF

    Windchaser Shawl knitting patternThe extra width in this crescent-shaped shawl makes it perfect to wrap about your shoulders to keep out winter's chills.[...]

  • Icicles Cardigan PDF

    Icicles Cardigan knitting patternBrace yourself against the wind in this striking cardigan knit top-down with a round yoke of icicles. I-cord edging lends a sophisticated finishing touch. [...]

  • Ponderosa Snowfall Scarf PDF

    Ponderosa Scarf knitting patternDesigned for a beaded yarn to show off some sparkle, this simple scarf can be knit with any weight yarn. [...]

  • Diamond Dust Tam PDF

    diamond dust tam knitting patternThis tam with it's concentric diamond shapes and interestingly cabled crown is a great gift-giving project that you can knit in the weekend from any soft Aran/worsted-weight yarn. [...]

  • Crevasse Shawl PDF

    Crevasse Shawl knitting patternThis simple 2-color shawlette features easy lace bands with a deeper lace border, inspired by the cracking ice fissures and crevasses in icebergs. The shawl is a slightly elongated semi-circular shape, which is easy to wear and knits up quickly with fingering-weight yarn. [...]

  • Aeshna Shawl PDF

    Aeshna Shawl knitting patternThe unique crescent shape of this shawl is filled with fireflies and glorifies the border of dragonflies at the lower edge, stirring memories of warm, balmy summer evenings. The original hand-spun yarn takes advantage of slow colour transitions but the design will look delightful in many different styles of lace yarns.

  • Elmvale Mittens PDF

    Elmvale Mittens knitting patternSimple and fast to knit, these are perfect to show off your liveliest yarns. Available in six sizes, from children to women’s large. The lighter-lining mittens offer a snug cuff under jackets without the bulk of the warm outer mittens getting in the way.

  • Refractive Socks PDF

    Refractive Socks knitting patternAnother pattern worked toe-up to use up every bit of handspun yarn. The refracting wave pattern is somewhat illusory - on the chart, it appears that the stockinette portion is wandering back and forth on the ribbed portion, but on the sock the ribbed portion appears to be wandering on the stockinette portion.

  • Hollow Oak Socks PDF

    Hollow Oak Socks knitting patternThese socks feature a toe-up design to make the most of your handspun yarn. They have easy cables running from the toe up to the cuff and are sized for both S/M (women's) and M/L (men's) feet. They feature an easy and fun-to-work gusset heel and a roomy toe.

  • Waterlily Shawl PDF

    Waterlily Shawl knitting patternTranquil waterlilies grace the body and border of this restful shawl. Knit top-down from the centre point. [...]

  • Laburnum Road PDF

    Laburnum Road Scarf knitting patternLaburnum blossoms lining a pathway are the inspiration for this scarf, named after the Mumbai lane known for the laburnum trees that line it. Laburnum Road is also known for Mani Bhavan, the Mumbai residence of Gandhi, and amongst the memorabilia housed there is a spinning wheel once used by the Mahatma. [...]

  • Posies Shawl PDF

    Posies Shawl PDFThis easy bottom-up triangular-shaped shawl was inspired by the small posies bouquets sold by Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady”. [...]

  • Lupine Cardigan PDF

    Lupine Cardigan knitting patternThis casual but feminine lace cardigan is the perfect little extra layer over a T-shirt or a sundress for late summer evenings or in overly chilly AC. [...]

  • Sweet Afton Vest PDF

    Sweet Afton Vest PDFKnit in one piece up to the armholes and seamed at the shoulders. The collar/bands, perfect for adding a little desired contrast, is added last [...].

  • Burl Scarf

    Burl Scarf knitting patternDouble-drafted woolen-spun exotic yak yarn provides wonderful character for this scarf, also giving it a rustic charm not necessarily available with smoother wools. A refined cable surrounded by seed-stitch makes it attractive for both men and women to wear. [...]

  • Triskele Mittens PDF

    Triskele Mittens knitting patternThis set of colorwork mittens features a Celtic braid motif on the cuff, a unique triskele design for the back of the hand, and a couched diamond pattern on the palm. This pattern is great for using up small amounts of light fingering-weight yarn in your stash. [...]

  • Ballycastle Tam PDF

    Ballycastle Tam knitting patternKnit from a range of natural-colored Shetland wools, this traditionally shaped tam features a corrugated ribbing, simple peerie bands for the body of the hat, and a star-patterned crown. [...]

  • Oir Spindle Bag

    Oir Spindle Bag knitting patternThis bag will transport your spindle and fiber with Celtic flair! The bag can be made as large or as small as you need and is a perfect way to show off a natural, rustic yarn. [...]

  • Muntins Scarflette

    Muntins Scarflette knitting patternThis scarflette is easily fastened at the neck by tucking the cast off end through a pocket formed at the beginning. As a result, you can use a smaller amount of luxurious fiber to get a warm and snuggly scarf! [...]

  • Hirta Mitts PDF

    Hirta Mitts knitting patternThese mitts let you hold celtic cables in the palms of your hands. A single knot graces the outside edge of each hand; complete on its own or when paired with the other mitt. [...]

  • Honeycomb Cowl PDF

    Honeycomb Cowl knitting patternThe Honeycomb Cowl is a versatile cowl that can be worn three different ways. Knit in an aran weight yarn, this cowl is very warm and snuggly. The honeycomb stitch pattern is deceptively simple and actually very quick to knit. [...]

  • Currach Stole PDF

    Currach Stole knitting patternThis stole features an easy lace pattern that looks like currachs, small curved-hull Irish fishing boats, bobbing through the waves. This project knits up quickly using DK-weight yarn, and can be knit using multiple colors, but would also look great in a solid color. [...]

  • Melusina Scarf PDF

    Melusina Scarf knitting patternThe fairy Melusina (or Melusine) falls in love with a mortal and agrees to marry him on one condition: he must never see her on Saturday, when she takes her bath. Enchanted by her beauty, he agrees, but eventually breaks his promise. [...]

  • Thicket Gloves

    Thicket Gloves knitting patternThis pretty accessory, simple to knit, will keep your fingers warm on winter walks. They feature an easy twist-stitch pattern on the back of the hands and plain stockinette palms with close-fitting ribbing to keep out the chill. [...]

  • Whirligig Tam PDF

    Whirligig Tam knitting patternThis easy-to-knit, brightly colored tam will brighten up any dreary late winter day. It features a simple knit/purl pattern that knits up quickly and looks great in multicolored or solid yarns. [...]

  • Scandal in Bohemia PDF

    Scandal in Bohemia knitting patternPerhaps you'll never have to make your escape from Sherlock Holmes, but everyone, including Irene Adler, needs a roomy messenger-style bag to carry all the essentials for an extended road trip. [...]

  • Lola Cowl PDF

    Lola Cowl knitting patternHere’s Lola – not the song by The Kinks, and definitely not the Brazilian temptress of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana. [...]

  • Lucky Mittens PDF

    Lucky Mittens knitting patternThick warm mittens knit with Bulky handspun are the perfect thing to keep fingers warm in the winter season… with beads, unique thumb construction and asymmetrical horseshoe cables for luck and style points. [...]

  • Lattice Ladders Scarf PDF

    Lattice Ladders Scarf knitting patternThe Lattice Ladders Scarf is a super fast knit, easy to memorize and totally reversible! This easy lace pattern lets the handspun yarn shine through while providing good structure and warmth when worn as a long scarf or twisted up as a super cowl! [...]

  • Winter Foliage Tam PDF

    Winter Foliage Tam knitting patternWinter Foliage is knit up using all the colors of a sampler pack of fiber. Designed for 10 different colors this striped hat adds a pop of color to the winter landscape and any winter wardrobe. [...]

  • Cloche to Me PDF

    Cloche to Me knitting patternThis is the pattern for my ideal winter hat. Loose enough not to completely flatten my hair, long enough to cover my ears, easy to smush into a coat pocket, and soft against my skin. [...]

  • Sea Lily Hat PDF

    Sea Lily Hat knitting patternSpiralling cables and soft warmth make this the perfect winter accessory. Knit it up in heathery 3-ply as shown or your favourite sport/DK wool. [...]

  • Malaga Cove Mitts PDF

    Malaga Cove Mitts knitting patternMalaga Cove on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is a gorgeous spot for beach diving and snorkeling. Go on a day with a southerly or no swell for the best visibility. The twisted stitch and lace pattern reminds me of the pattern of waves reflected on the sandy ocean floor on a sunny day. [...]

  • Meriel Mitts PDF

    Meriel Mitts knitting patternThe Meriel Mitts are a pair of simple, elegant fingerless mitts. Worked in the round from cuff to palm, they have an easy-to-memorize twisted cable pattern placed along the outside edge of the top of each mitt and a few racing stripes of twisted rib worked in place of traditional seams. [...]

  • Kelp Garden Cowl PDF

    Kelp Garden Cowl knitting patternThis lightweight lace cowl can be worn loosely around the neck or pulled up over your head to keep the ocean winds out of your hair while wandering the beach looking for seaweed treasures. [...]

  • Sea Monster Bag PDF

    Sea Monster Bag knitting patternThis bag is modeled on ditty bags used by sailors for all of their gear. Those bags are an iconic shape: tall, with a circular base and straight sides, with a strap threaded through grommets around the top and fastened with a braided carrying handle. This version is smaller than its canvas cousin, and the handle is knit and stuffed rather than braided. The simple shape of the bag allows for handspun Monster Yarn (see article) to show off its color and texture changes without any competition. […

  • Floating Glass Socks PDF

    Floating Glass Socks knitting patternFloating Glass Socks have a front panel of lace floats gliding from cuff to toe. The floats are bordered by netting, just as the actual glass balls are covered with twine. [...]

  • Cancale Throw Pillow PDF

    Cancale Pillow knitting patternIn Cancale, the ocean color is a stunningly beautiful sea foam green and the tidal surge is the strongest in the world. The Cancale Pillow's knitted waves and sea foam ruffle are backed with home décor fabric. [...]

  • Caledonia Tee

    Caledonia Tee Knitting PatternA simple yoked tee sweater with a delicately cabled design at the yoke and hem. This easy-to-knit design, knit in the round with limited finishing/seaming, is great as an extra layer while beach-combing, or just relaxing around the house. [...]

  • Tidepool Cowl PDF

    Tidepool Cowl Knitting PatternWaves along the water's edge sparkle in this cowl knit in a chevron pattern with garter stitch ribs to hug your neck. A nice accessorizing detail under a jacket or all on its own. [...]

  • One Fish, Two Fish Hat

    A quirky, whimsical, brightly-striped stocking cap, great for a day on the slopes with skis or your snowboard, or when participating in any outdoorsy, Seussical activity. [...]

  • Mermaid's Tale Bookmark

    A quick and easy project in worsted weight yarn for hardcovers, it can also be worked up in fingering-weight yarn to accommodate paperback book-lovers as well! [...]

  • Babouches Slippers PDF

    Babouches Knitting PatternLavish little foot coverings for lolling about in soft but warm luxury! These are knit seamlessly, in the round, using about 2oz of sock/fingering-weight yarn. [...]

  • Another Phone Cozy

    Another Phone Cozy knitting patternYes, I know. Another cell-phone cozy. There are all sorts of these around. But aren't they handy little things to have? How about one which uses up your leftover bits of hand-spun in practically no time at all? [...]

  • Sidewinder Cowl

    Sidewinder Cowl Knitting PatternThis pattern creates a sturdy, warm cowl that can also be plopped on your head for an earwarmer/almost hat! [...]

  • Mohs Mitts PDF

    Mohs Mitts Knitting PatternA textured diamond pattern graces the top of these mitts, named for Friedrich Mohs, inventor of the Mohs Mineral Scale, which of course, lists diamonds as the hardest mineral around. Diamonds are everyone's friend with these mitts. [...]

  • Cuppa Joe Mitts

    These easy-going unisex mitts are great for cool fall mornings when you want a little extra warmth for your hands. They are knit in the round and are a quick knit project, perfect for making several pairs for yourself or gifts. [...]

  • Spinning Leaves Shawl PDF

    Spinning Leaves Shawl knitting patternKnit in hand-spun laceweight singles to emphasize transitions from one colour to another, this semi-circular shawl embodies everything about the brilliant colours of Fall's leaves. [...]