Mermaid’s Tale Bookmark

Designed by Anne Podlesak Yarn Specs: 2-ply handspun, 70% alpaca, 28% silk, 2% sparkle fiber.  Spun semi-worsted using a combined supported backward draft and forward draft technique. Light worsted/DK weight at 15 wpi, with approximately 275 yards per 4 ounces (115 g) or 1100 ypp.

Mermaid Tales Bookmark Pattern Mermaid Tales Bookmark Pattern


Using a long-tail cast on technique, cast on 11 stitches onto size 8 US (5 mm) needles.  Beginning on the WS, knit 2 rows to form a garter-stitch edge.  Then beginning on the WS, begin the lace chart on row 1.  Work 7 repeats (or desired to desired length) of the lace chart.  End with row 1 of the chart, and then bind off in knit on the right side.

Mermaid Tales chartMermaid Tales Key
Mermaid Tales Bookmark Pattern
Block finished piece, pulling the cast-on edge down into a point and leaving the cast-off edge straight.  Once piece is completely dry, darn in all yarn ends. The pointed edge can be finished with a 3-strand braid attached at the point of the bookmark.  I used three lengths each approximately 12 inches long, which I sewed onto the point, and then braided.  I also added a few beads to the end of each braid, securing them in place with double overhand knots for a weighted fringe. This quick and easy project can also be worked up in fingering-weight yarn to accommodate paperback book-lovers as well.

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