Product Review : Cézanne Bag by Jordana Paige

by Anne Podlesak

I was asked by the Jordana Paige sales rep to review their newest bag offering, the Cézanne Bag. The bag retails for $119.00US and is the first bag in their line to be produced by a new manufacturer.

The bag is designed to be worn across the body. It comes with a long, detachable strap that can be adjusted. I found it worked well that way, but also works just fine worn as a traditional shoulder bag. It has a flap that can be latched closed that covers two smaller pockets on the front. (These are nicely sized to accommodate a smartphone or perhaps a small notepad.)

Inside, the bag has two large roomy pockets, a document-sized pocket on the front underneath the flap, as well as one on the back. There is a central zippered pocket as well, and all of the smaller pockets inside can be zipped closed, including a detachable notions pocket that’s big enough for a pair of small scissors, cable needles, and an Altoid-sized tin for stitch markers.

There are also three yarn-guide loops, and the back inside section has an area where you can organize your knitting needles, crochet hooks, and pencils so they aren’t dropping down to the bottom of the bag.

My sample was sent in the Mediterranean Teal colorway. The interior is a nice durable khaki fabric that looks like it would hold up great for the long-term.

The bag is big enough to accommodate even a sweater-sized project with some room to spare. I loved how this bag was organized. It suited my knitting style to a T, and it is even comfortable enough you can sling it around yourself and knit while you are standing in line (or during a stand-up commute).

If you are headed out for a knit night, the bag sits open on the floor easily without flopping over. It’s got a sturdy bottom to it and enough structure that it will accommodate itself to whatever position you want to leave it in to work out of. All the moving parts – the strap clips, interior zippers and clasp – are sturdy and solid.

If I had any detail at all I might list as a negative, it’s that the interior zippers are almost too beefy. They are a bit rough, but on the other hand, having had bags where the zippers pulled apart after only a few times of use, that will DEFINITELY not happen with these.

The bags come in 4 colors and while I was not a huge fan of the faux leather used in the past for one previous product I reviewed, they definitely got it right on this one! It is soft, supple, with just a bit of texture, and no weird petroleum product smell right out of the box. As with all the Jordana Paige products, it comes packed in a nice presentation box and would be a great gift for a special knitting friend, or yourself.

All in all, I’d give this bag a hearty 2-thumbs up rating!

Disclaimer: As with all product reviews, this one reflects MY personal opinions. Your mileage may vary. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review, but the Jordana Paige company did provide the product for me to review.

Photos © Anne Podlesak.

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