Review • 8 : The Crafter’s Tool Butler

by Anne Podlesak

Jordana Paige has recently released a new bag to complement some of the larger bags in her already extremely popular line of knitter’s accessories.

The Crafter’s Tool Butler is a compact organizer, designed to hold all the necessary knitting and crochet tools you need, putting them easily available at your fingertips.  The exterior of the product measures 10-1/2 x 6.5 x 2″.  It fits nicely into most average-sized knitting bags (not just the other Jordana Paige ones).  It is available in several different colorways in a pebbled “vegan” leather.  (I was sent the black colorway to review.)

The interior of the bag has two sections.  One section unzips to lay flat, revealing small interior pockets perfect for smaller circular needles, DPNs, or crochet hooks.  There is also a clear zippered pouch for smaller notions like stitch markers or a small pair of scissors.  There is also a printed card for a needle inventory in it’s own clear slot.

The other side unzips to reveal 4 roomy mesh zippered storage sections arranged in accordion fashion (and therefore expandable).   These would be perfect for larger circular needles, a project notebook or pattern notes.  Each storage section has a handy identification card and a clear pocket attached to it.


  • This seems like the perfect size to me – big enough to have ALL the knitting accessories and extra needles I need for virtually any project, but not so large that it is cumbersome in my knitting bag.  In fact, it’s large enough you could easily arrange your most-used needle sizes, plus notions/accessories (like your scissors, tape measure, stitch markers) and not have this bag overstuffed.
  • The organization of it is great.  It’s obvious someone who actually uses knitting bags tried this one out.  Lots of handy pockets, nicely arranged and the fact that you can zip portions of it closed to keep things together is really helpful.
  • As with other Jordana Paige products I’ve had the pleasure to try or see in the past, this one is also nicely made.  The zippers have nice, heavy-duty pulls on them.  It feels structurally sound.  It’s not overtly flashy (although probably would be more so in the “bronze” colorway if you are someone who needs some bling!), but pretty enough you won’t mind having it out on the table in a coffee shop while you knit.


  • I have to say it:  I don’t like the “vegan” leather.  When I opened the package from the company, the petroleum smell really bothered me.  A month later, it still has a lingering odor to me of burnt tires.   For all the other wonderful things about this bag, I’d have been just as happy to have it made out of a heavy canvas or cotton if the petroleum-product-ness could have been prevented.

If you are a Jordana Paige groupie, or just looking for a great knitting organizer, this bag might be the one for you.  It’s available in several different colors, as a lot of space inside, is nicely organized, and well made.

Please note:  All photos in this review are courtesy/copyright Jordana Paige, and this bag was provided as a sample by Jordana Paige to the reviewer.  The opinions of the reviewer are just that: opinions.  Your mileage may vary.

Photos © Jordana Paige.

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