• Crafting a Fibre LIfe : Are you ready to roc?


  • Spin Tech : Spinzilla 2015


  • Spin : Firewing Pullover

    Spin : Firewing Pullover

  • Spin the yarn : Fjord Mitts

    Fjord Mitts : Spin the yarn

  • Spinster's Corner : Spinning a Gradient Yarn

    spinning a gradient yarn

  • Indie Spotlight : Rachel Brown of Porpoise Fur

    Indie Spotlight : Rachel Brown

  • Review : Fleegle Spins Supported

    fleegle.jpgFirst off, I really like the format of this ebook! It comes on a flash drive in its own little storage tin. This is a great way to keep it stored securely and also will help to keep it from getting l…

  • Books • Spin Art : Mastering the Craft of Spinning Textured Yarn

    This looks to be an excellent book. I have to admit, I am new to art yarn spinning. But, given the amount of expertise and guidance in this book, I’m sure I could learn much from it. [...]

  • Orbspinner Scarf : spin the yarn

    This nicely prepared top is a blend of 70% super fine, natural gray alpaca, 25% carbonized bamboo, and 5% glitter. [...]

  • Berry Patch Socks: Spin the Yarn

    ecause this very deep, rich colorway was dyed on SW wool, it retained sections of white throughout, so I decided that I wanted to spin a 3-ply yarn to minimize high-contrast barberpoling and help the …

  • Spinster's Corner

    Part 2 of Lisa Jacobs' extensive exploration of colourway creation through combining specific colours to blend into artistic yarns.

  • Spinster's Corner - In Monet's Garden

    In Monet’s Garden: Impressionist Color Blending with Marled YarnsColorful variegated rovings abound these days. Some are hand-painted by fiber artists. Others are produced in a variety of colorways by large yarn and fiber companies. Whatever the source, the mode…

  • Cintamani Socks : spin the yarn

    The thing I try to determine, before I spin anything I would like to spin, is what the fibre would do best as, spun up, and what the make up of the fibre (in this case, Finn wool) would be suitable fo…

  • Club #2 Mystery Pattern : spin the yarn

    More info available soon! Watch for our KAL on Ravelry. Club shipments will be mailed to members over the next week. [...]

  • Dec.2011 Club Spinning - Foehn Cowl & Mitts : spin the yarn

    The project base for this club is a set of matching gloves and a cowl, knit in a stranded fair isle pattern making them both squishy and extra-warm to block those winter winds. Both fibres were spu…

  • Spinster's Corner • 7 : Spinning a Beaded Art Yarn

    For the Spinster's Corner this time, I decided to tackle one of the art yarn techniques illustrated in Symeon North's book Get Spun, which I have also reviewed for this edition. I picked one of the …

  • Windchaser Shawl : spin the yarn

    This yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite a while, now, waiting for the right project. I am thrilled to finally have it knit up looking pretty. You may or may not recognize it from our header …

  • Elmvale Mittens : spin the yarn

    When I have a pretty, lively, colourful braid of hand-dyed roving in my hands, it presents an endless number of possibilities as to how to spin it up.

  • Refractive Socks : spin the yarn

    I love progression dyed fiber. There's something magical about splitting a combed top in half and combining it back together to get something almost, but not quite, what you had before in terms of col…

  • Spin 6 : Finding Your Spinning Noodle

    Pasta is a serious business, it appears. The contents and sizes of particular types are governed by law on a global level, something many of us probably do not know. So what on earth does this have …

  • Issue 6 Spin-Along #2! • Spin for a mystery shawl

    I received a lovely 4 oz roving from Two If By Hand, named, We Took to the Woods. One of the things I noticed about this roving was that it was dyed tonally, with the golds at one end of the length a…

  • Spinning Duo: Anne & Lori Spin for Issue 6

    So, Anne and I were chatting one day (not unusual) and we decided to spin the same roving without consultation in terms of what we were going to spin for and what the resulting yarn would be like. [..…

  • Issue 6 Spin-along #1 - Hollow Oak Socks: Spin the Yarn

    I fell in love with a gorgeous braid of mixed BFL wool from one of the updates at the Two If By Hand Etsy shop. The colorway "We Took To the Woods" is a fantastic blend of deep bright blue, splashes …

  • Review • 5 : HansenCrafts miniSpinner

    Ravelry can have a bad influence on me. There was no reason for me to think about buying another wheel because my Rose was wonderful, but I started to hear about a new electric spinner, the HansenCra…

  • Spinster's Corner • 5 : Spinning Bast Fibers

    Flax and Hemp: these two bast fibers have been with us since the beginning of civilization. They shimmer like silver and gold. The history of the plants and fiber is both interesting and filled wit…

  • Lupine Cardigan: Spin The Yarn

    I love a lightweight cardigan for the summertime. With that in mind, I purchased two matching braids of a merino/bamboo blend (50/50) from Funky Carolina in a pretty summery colorway, "Waterlilies". …

  • Sweet Afton Vest : spin the yarn

    Today, we're here to discuss how to create a heathered yarn using a drum-carder or hand carders to blend different fibres and colours together. [...]

  • The Posies Shawl : spin the yarn

    A pre-issue Spin-Along! Pre-order the roving from Pigeonroof Studios. Have your yarn ready to knit a beautiful shawl from our July Issue.

  • Burl Scarf : spin the yarn

    burl scarf - spin the yarnWhen I purchased my wheel, my sweetie David went with me. While I was testing wheels he was wandering around the shop burying his hands in the fibers that were on display. In the end he bought four ou…

  • Spindle Bag : spin the yarn

    The theme of the April 2011 issue of Ennea revolves around Celtic connections – cabled projects and natural wools. Immediately my brain went to Ireland, with all their Celtic cables carved in stone a…

  • Ballycastle Tam : spin the yarn

    When I decided to design a traditional Fair Isle tam, I knew I wanted to use shetland wool. The unique "sticky" nature of this fiber makes it perfect to use for colorwork. I also knew that I wanted …

  • Spinster's Corner • 4

    If you are spinner, you know that it's great fun choosing a fiber to spin, and simply sitting down at your wheel and letting yourself enjoy the process of creating yarn. There's nothing wrong with th…

  • Lola : spin the yarn

  • The International Back to Back Wool Challenge - Toronto Spiders

    The International Back to Back Wool Challenge is an annual international competition that challenges teams of eight (a shearer and seven spinners and/or knitters) to shear the fleece of a sheep, spin …

  • Winter Foilage : spin the yarn

    What do you do with those little sampler packs of small amounts of many colours? Here's an idea. [...]

  • Spinster's Corner • 3 : Batts

    Working with batts can be a great addition to your spinning technique arsenal. They are a very versatile preparation, and allow you to spin yarns ranging from very fine laceweight all the way up to b…

  • Cloche to Me: Spin the yarn

    When I started spinning, thick and thin was what I was trying to avoid. One weekend I was in my favorite fiber store, and got glued to some art yarn that the shop owner had spun. It was, simply, gor…

  • Weaving 3 • A Different Twist - Fire with Sara Lamb

    In June of 2009, I started spinning frequently on spindles. At first, I spun wool, intended for knitting or knotted pile, but soon I tried silk, and I began to accumulate skeins I thought would be pe…

  • Scandal in Bohemia Bag : spin the yarn

    This was a really fun mental exercise in design. I wanted to try to design something that would utilize bits and pieces of leftover handspun yarn or maybe sample-sized skeins, plus one "typically siz…

  • Thicket Gloves : spin the yarn

    Well-prepared batts are one of my favorite preparations to spin. For the Thicket Gloves in this issue, I selected two 2-ounce batts from the Artemis, Artemis Etsy store as I wanted a semisolid/lightl…

  • Whirligig Hat • spin the yarn

    I normally find myself spinning sportweight or lighter yarns, and I wanted to challenge myself to spin a worsted to Aran weight yarn that would be warm and windproof for late-winter wear. [...]

  • Caledonia : Spin the yarn

    When I set out to design this pattern, I wanted to use 2 colors, one in a handpainted/multicolor and the other in a semi-solid colorway. [...]

  • Shepherd's Realm : Angora

    Flower_Babies_1.jpgFiber farming’s smallest critters are angora rabbits, sweet little fuzzballs who can produce bags full of fleece every few months, fertilize the lawn and garden in an earth-friendly manner, and charm …

  • Spinster's Corner • 2 - Chained Plying

    chain plying on a wheelChained plying is a great way to make a 3-ply yarn out of singles and preserve all the pretty hand-dyed colors in a handpainted roving. Learn how. [...]

  • Review • 2: Phat Fiber Sampler Box

    Have you wondered what all the buzz is about the Phat Fiber boxes? This month, we'll give you a peek into the October box and tell you a little bit about the sampler boxes. [...]

  • Sea Monster Bag • Spin the yarn

    Create “monster yarn!” Dr. Frankenstein created his modern Prometheus from parts salvaged from who knows (or wants to know) where. Why not take this same concept and apply it to yarn? [...]

  • Kelp Garden Cowl • Spin the yarn

    The original fiber was a hand-carded batt from Funky Carolina, from her Luxury Batt club, featuring dyed blue-faced leicester wool, superfine white merino wool and silk with a very small amount of spa…

  • Babouches : Spin the yarn

    Babouches : Spin the yarnWhen I knit the initial design sample for these slippers, I used typical sock merino which is usually 2-ply, spun worsted style, with quite a bit of poofy twist for lots of spring while knitting and w…

  • Sidewinder Cowl: Spin the yarn

    The Sidewinder Cowl uses bulky yarn, perfect for beginning spinners. Christine also outlines how to ply from both ends of a centre-pull ball, using up every last bit of your precious fibre. [...]

  • Spinning Leaves Shawl: Spin the yarn

    The Spinning Leaves Shawl is knit in a transitional lace yarn, so one colour moves to the next, without having to join a new colour for each colour shift. Here's how to spin your own transitional lac…