Spinning Duo: Anne & Lori Spin for Issue 6

So, Anne and I were chatting one day (not unusual) and we decided to spin the same hand-dyed roving without consultation in terms of what we were going to spin for and what the resulting yarn would be like.

We came up with very different results!

Read all about them!

Anne’s yarn!

Technical Details:  A 3-ply, worsted-spun yarn, approximately 20 wpi and 350 yards per 4 ounces (1400 ypp), a heavy fingering-weight yarn.

Lori’s yarn!

Technical Details:  A 2-ply, worsted-spun yarn, approximately 26 wpi and 429 yards per 4 ounces (1720 ypp), a light-fingering-weight yarn.

If you would like to spin-along, the fibre is available through the Two if by Hand Shop, for the month of September!

Photos © Anne Podlesak and Lori Law.

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