Tools : Finders Keepers Stitch Markers

by Kara Mayfield

When I think back over the years about all the different little gizmos I’ve used to mark stitches in a pinch, I realized I was forced to be pretty imaginative. I would use anything that would hold a stitch or slip over my needles; plastic bread closures, twisty ties, lengths of contrasting yarn, safety pins, paper clips, straws cut to size, even cheerios (and yes they held up just as badly as you’d think). I found there were plenty of sizes available at the local craft stores but I was faced with few selections, as far as “variety” or “aesthetics”.

I decided to explore and experiment with a multitude of objects that would not only be functional stitch markers but would be sturdy, a bit outside the box, hold some intrigue, and burst with fun vibrant colors. I searched, discovered a vast array of thought-provoking
charms, trinkets and doohickeys, then put them all to the test. They work perfectly!

Finders Keepers stitch markers come in 5 lively color themes:  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Christmas. The ribbon wrapped rings
and dressed up paper clips are my own creations and are hand-crafted by me. I hope you are delighted with them all.

Fall Collection:  Red, Orange & Yellow a stirring autumn combination featuring 32
stitch markers.

Winter: Greens & Blues in this fresh collection of 34 stitch markers.
-(detailed contents):
4 Large ribbon wrapped rings – 17US/12mm
2 Paper clips – 9US/5.5mm
2 Small ribbon wrapped rings – 10US/6mm
2 Crowns – 17US/13mm
4 Infinity charms – 7US /4.5mm
4 Colorful pearlescent rings – 10US/6mm
6 Pearlized hearts – 9US/5.5mm
4 Heart keys – 2US/2.75mm
6 Colorful wood rings – 10 1/2US/7mm
1 Clear kiss lock case


Spring: Pinks & Purples enchanting, nostalgic 33 stitch markers.

Summer:   My personal favorite. A showcase of all colors of the rainbow
in this playful mix of 32 stitch markers.

Christmas: Green & Red “It’s a holiday thing” in this elegant holiday
collection containing 34 stitch markers.

 Kara Mayfield lives in Sacramento, CA, with her supportive husband and two precious energetic children of which she is so grateful for. Although this humble homemaker finds it nearly impossible to keep up, she manages to steal a few moments to escape the hustle bustle of the day and find solace in designing, knitting, or managing her online shop Knit ‘n Kaboodle.
Kara has been mentioned on Vogue Knitting International Facebook for her first pattern book, “33 Cup Cuddler Knitting Patterns” and her pattern book was also featured in the August 2013 Knitcrate.

Kara plans to release her second pattern book in Fall/Winter 2013.  The book is a diverse original collection of her fun easy knit
projects using practical function, old world style and unique flair.  From wristlet to cell phone pouch, bookmark to hair spa wrap, there is something for everyone in this pattern collection, Charming Knits.

Her creations can be found on Etsy as well as Ravelry where she showcases her patterns, hand knit pieces, and pattern books.

Images © Kara Mayfield.

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