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Hollow Oak Socks knitting pattern

Hollow Oak Socks PDF

These socks feature a toe-up design to make the most of your handspun yarn. They have easy cables running from the toe up to the cuff and are sized for both S/M (women’s) and M/L (men’s) feet. They feature an easy and fun-to-work gusset heel and a roomy toe.


These are a little late to the party. But they are finally published and ready for you to knit! […]

Babouches : Spin the yarn

When I knit the initial design sample for these slippers, I used typical sock merino which is usually 2-ply, spun worsted style, with quite a bit of poofy twist for lots of spring while knitting and which also adds durability and warm to garments. My resulting hand-spun is based on typical sock merino. […]