Cobb Salad

by Terri Peña

The Cobb Salad comes to us from the 1930s via The Brown Derby restaurant. It is a composed salad, which means its ingredients are not tossed together, but arranged on a plate for a pleasing ascetic. The composed salad makes a good picnic choice
because people can pick and chose the ingredients they prefer when plating their individual salads. A layer of plastic wrap, pulled tightly, will keep things from shifting around during travel. A crispy baguette and a bottle of wine are all that is needed to turn
this salad into a meal.

This recipe serves four and can be doubled, tripled, or quadrupled as your guest list requires. If you prefer not to use bacon, roasted, salted sunflower seeds are a good substitute. You often see this salad served with ranch or blue cheese dressing, the original salad was dressed with French and I have included the recipe.

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