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Many MANY THANKS to Ennea Collective’s contributors. We cannot do this without you!

Lisa Jacobs

Lisa Jacobs spins, knits and plays with color in Coralville, IA. She produceds her own line of nature-inspired patterns as Fiber Tree Designs.

Cheryl McLane

Web: Purdy Thangz

Purdy Thangz introduced shawl and scarf pins in 2010 in gemstone, glass, polymer clay and other unique shawl closures to our ever growing list of knitting, crocheting, and spinning accessories! We don’t sell yarn; we make things that make your knitted garments purdier!

Terri Peña

Web: Knit and Nosh

Terri knits like crazy, cans like a mad woman and only swears when absolutely necessary.

Kristi Schueler

Web: Designedly Kristi

Kristi Schueler is an avid photographer who takes great pleasure in capturing her knitting designs and original recipes in pixels with her Nikon D-80 dSLR along the front range of Colorado with the aid of her gear packing husband, Drew. Her knit designs have appeared in several magazines and books as have some of her photographs. She is the author and photographer of a new serialized e-book, Nourishing Knits, containing 12 original knitting patterns each paired with a recipe. You can follow her creative pursuits in both the in-edible and edible forms on her blog.

Anne Podlesak

Web: Wooly Wonka Fibers & How the West Was Spun

Anne Podlesak’s first design was a red bandana-printed cotton “boob keeper” with 3 large buttons at age 5. While this did not set the fashion world on notice, it did begin a lifelong interest in textiles, fiber and garments. She has a degree in costume design, several years working in various theatre venues along the east coast, and has been self-publishing designs since 2007. She enjoys a wide variety of eclectic interests and techniques, but is always fascinated by whatever sparks a new design at any given moment.

Lori Law

Web: Oceanwind Knits & Musindigo

Lori Law learned to knit before she could read. Since then she’s spent a most of her time pursuing creative projects in the traditional arts (which led to a degree in Fine Arts) and through various fibre adventures which include knitting, designing, dyeing, spinning and weaving. Her online background includes web design as well as writing for various publications over the years and being the one-time editor of a large-scale online information site.

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