Cook While You Spin • 7

by Terri Peña

It is possible you were up late finishing the last of the spinning.

Today your new yarn has gone for a bath and is outside soaking up some sunshine.  It is a perfect day to make a couple of things that will not get you a whole meal, but will help you whip up something delicious in a shortened amount of time in the coming weeks and months.

Enchilada Sauce and Onion Relish can be made any time of year and are the perfect things to keep in your pantry.  They both make a quickly assembled entrée taste as though you have been standing in front of the stove for hours.  Only you and your yarn will know the truth.

Both recipes can be preserved using the water bath method.  The Enchilada Sauce can also be frozen if you are not ready to start playing with jars.  In addition to the instructions for the ingredients, I have also included two great ways to use them.

Water Bath Canning

Onion Relish

Enchilada Sauce

Chicken Enchiladas

Vegetable Stew





Vegetable Stew


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