Chicken Enchiladas

by Terri Peña

Enchiladas are so versatile.  You can use corn or flour tortillas and whatever types of meat and/or vegetables you have on hand.  Chicken, corn, and chilies are a favorite around here.  In the summer I like to make the filling from black beans, corn and zucchini.  Cheese is up to you.  I sprinkling of Queso Fresco is traditional, but the dish is great without cheese as well.  As long as you have a good jar of sauce on hand, you can produce a meal that leaves them hoping you make it again tomorrow.

The filling can be made a couple of days in advance.  Same thing for the enchiladas once they have been assembled.  As long as you are getting your hands covered with sauce, why not make two pans and stash one in the freezer?


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Photos © Terri Peña

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