Issue 6 Spin-along #1 – Hollow Oak Socks: Spin the Yarn


Join the Spin-Along on our Ravelry Forum! The fibre is available through the Two if by Hand Shop for the month of September!

by Anne Podlesak
I fell in love with a gorgeous braid of mixed BFL wool from one of the updates at the Two If By Hand Etsy shop.

The colorway “We Took To the Woods” is a fantastic blend of deep bright blue, splashes of yellow-orange, deep greens and browns.

I decided it would be perfect as a pair of cabled socks (I love using BFL for socks).  I split the original 4-oz braid into three equal pieces lengthwise using my postal scale to weigh each section (1.33 oz each).  I then spun each of the thirds onto a separate bobbin using a worsted technique.  (I did a slow forward draft, aka inchworm drafting, and smoothed the fibers down after the twist ran into them.)  I overspun the singles slightly to help increase the wear factor in the final yarn.

I then plied these with a nice firm twist into a 3-ply yarn.  I wound this off onto my skeiner, added three sets of choke ties, gave the skein a cool bath with some wool wash, snapped the skein a few times and let it air dry.

Technical Details:  A 3-ply, worsted-spun yarn, approximately 20 wpi and 350 yards per 4 ounces (1400 ypp), a heavy fingering-weight yarn.



Photos © Anne Podlesak.

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