Indie Spotlight • 4 : FatCatKnits

By Anne Podlesak. Owners/Dyers: Virginia (please call her Ginny) Tullock Shop: FatCatKnits Also on Etsy and ArtFire as FatCatKnits. And, we have a fun, active Ravelry group, FatCatKnits fatcatknits
Q: How did you decide to start an indie fiber business?

There were several steps leading up to the actual decision. Relearning knitting, playing around with koolaid dyeing, getting invited to our local spinning guild- those things laid the ground work. Once I started spinning, I got myself some acid dyes. I started my Etsy shop and listed a few handspun yarns, and basically nothing happened. Then, a guild member asked me to dye up some of her farm roving for a fiber festival. It sold out super quick, and I took that as my sign to go for it. Got my first bump of merino and the rest is history.

Q: Favorite fiber/yarn and favorite color?

My favorite fibers are Falkland and Bluefaced Leicester. I am also addicted to carded fibers, probably because I am surrounded by so much top I take it for granted (I know, terrible!). As for favorite color(s), that changes over time. Last year I was nuts for greens, now I am in a blue and purple phase. Of course, I adore earthy reds and browns, all fall colors, jewel tones, neutrals and grays… and I do like pink. Especially shell pink.

Q: Sources of inspiration? What things do you see cropping up over and over in your colorways and/or designs?

Everything, but not how you would think. I do not see colorways in my mind. If I try to use a photo, or hold colors in my mind, I have a very hard time turning that into reality. I find trying to create colorways based on visual data to be limiting and not much fun. When I am dyeing, the colorways often just come to me. When I am feeling blocked I start playing around with my dyes, mixing colors in unusual combinations. That always gets me out of a dyeing funk. Music has a big effect on my dyeing, as my moods are strongly affected by music. I listen to Cake (love them so much!), the Gorillaz, Fleetwood Mac, Moby (loving Moby very much lately), Red Hot Chili Peppers (amazing band!). I also listen to NPR a lot when dyeing, but will turn it off when I start yelling.

Q: What project(s) are you working on in your spare time?

Spare time? What is that?

Q: Other mediums you like to work in?

In the past I have had phases of needlepoint, watercolor painting, crochet. Now I am all about knitting (some crochet) and spinning. But I hope to get back into needlepoint with handspun yarn, and rug hooking with handspun yarn, as well.

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