Indie Spotlight : Winemakerssister

By Anne Podlesak

Owner: Heather Price

Q: How did you decide to start an indie fiber business?

I used to do a lot of swapping on Flickr and Swap-Bot and realized that there were certain things I especially enjoyed making. After a number of requests from folks to purchase them, I opened the shop.

In the beginning, the theme for the items was pretty general. I always had some items for knitters (because I love to knit and spin), but over the years I’ve gradually moved to almost exclusively fiber-themed items.

Q: Favorite medium to work in, and favorite color?

I’m definitely in the Crafty-ADD realm – my favorite thing is to move back and forth between several different media. I love changing things up and trying different things.

I’m a fan of lots of color. My favorites seem to change, but usually include wine, cobalt, violet, periwinkle, espresso, and celery.

Q: Sources of inspiration? What things do you see cropping up over and over in your colorways and/or designs?

Whimsy plays a big part in my designs – especially in the stitch markers I create. I love it when they make people smile. And as much as I love form and color for its own sake, I’m especially drawn to things that tell a story or have a theme.

There are a lot of wonderful shops selling supplies to spin yarn or knit something. I like coming up with items that fit within that theme but are a bit more unexpected: mugs with knitting quotes, rubber stamps, jewelry for fiber artists, etc. Rather than supplies, I tend to sell a lot of gifts for knitters, crocheters, and spinners.

Q: What project(s) are you working on in your spare time?

I’m highly addicted to spinning, and part of my shop’s income goes to fund that addiction. I always have a few knitting projects going at any time, but the spinning almost always takes precedence. I have a feeling you’ll see some handspun for sale in the shop at some point…

Q: Other crafty things you like to work with?

I go through patches where I sew a lot and then put it aside for a while. I love to cook and garden and think of both of those pastimes as “crafty.”

Graphics © Winemakerssister.

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