Review : Sweetness Soak

by Lori Law

sweetness soakI am not a scent person. I am generally one of those people for which the signs in hospitals and public areas requesting you not wear heavy perfumes in respect of sensitive persons in the vicinity are for.  Things you might take for-granted, like shampoos, laundry detergents, cleaning products… even certain foods… might set me off.

So, I have not been someone who has run out to buy Soak. I have sniffed it at shows in and shops in the hopes there would be a scent which was for me, but I hadn’t found one which worked for me without aversions.

When Michelle offered to send her version of Soak I knew I would have to have an open mind.

However, upon receiving it and untwisting the cap, I was heartily surprised.

The scent is gorgeous (gorgeous being subjective, of course, but I think it’s gorgeous). It’s light and sweet, just as its name implies. It’s not a loud ‘this is lavender’ or ‘this is cinnamon’ proclamation.

sweetness soakThis limited edition scent by The Sweet Sheep is delightful, even for someone like myself who has sensitivities. I don’t know what the actual formulation includes, but my nose seems to detect a little honey, a fruity undertone and a hint of floral.

I used it to wash a wool hat as directed and I have had no aversion whatsoever, even in such close proximity.  The Soak behaved as advertised:  perfect for wool care, it requires a very small amount of product to work and it required no rinsing.  And for those of you who do not have any scent sensitivities, I’m sure you will just enjoy it for what it is:  sweetness in a bottle.

So, with all of this in mind? I think Michelle is offering beautiful addition to her lines of fibres, yarns and other goodies. Well done!

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