Savory, Saucy, Red Beans & Rice

by Terri Peña

This dish turned out to be a real challenge because of the rice. Most recipes that involve rice and the slow cooker have the rice cooked separately. When I am concentrating on cables, it is unlikely I will stop in time to make rice, so that was not going to work. I remember a meal we made a couple of times at camp that involved rice in a dutch oven, so I was confident I could make it work in a slow cooker.

The key to red beans and rice in the slow cooker is the layering. The rice and beans need to be down at the bottom of the pot so they are submerged at all times. Other than that this recipe is VERY flexible.

No read beans? Use any other type you have on hand. No vegetable stock? You can use another type, or increase all of the seasonings and use water. You may notice in the photographs that I used a red pepper instead of green. Does it affect the flavor of the final dish? Yes, but not enough for me to walk up to the store for a green pepper. Those cables are not knitting themselves.


My household holds both vegetarians and carnivores.  To keep them all happy I placed the andioulle sausage in a tightly wrapped foil packet and positioned it on top of the beans and rice mixture.  The sausages cooked right alongside the beans and rice, and everyone was able to have a bowl just the way they like it.  If this is not an issue at your house, add the sausage, either sliced or whole, to the pot with the other ingredients.

 Topsy-Turvy Jam Cake

Photos © Terri Peña.

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