Spin While You Cook contest entry : Simply Crock-Pot Roast

Sent to us by Cary.

Serenity Farms Simply Crock-Pot Roast


1 large roast (beef, pork or lamb is fine)
Yellow Mustard
1 package dry onion soup mix


Place the roast in a crockpot.  Do not add any liquid.  Cover with the mustard (just squeeze it on generously) and soup mix.  Cook on low all day or overnight. I usually add a good dose of freshly ground pepper as well.

Peel away any fat and remove the bones.  Slice or shred the meat.  You can serve this in the gravy if you like, or on the side and thicken the gravy to go over mashed potaotes.  This freezes very, very well.  Makes wonderful homemade beef and noodles!

NOTE:  Use your favorite, inexpensive yellow sandwich mustard.  I used to think fancy mustards would be great for adding flavor but for some reason they just don’t work in the same way.  Use the plain and cheap stuff!

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