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Refractive Socks : spin the yarn

I love progression dyed fiber. There’s something magical about splitting a combed top in half and combining it back together to get something almost, but not quite, what you had before in terms of color. […]

Thicket Gloves : spin the yarn

Well-prepared batts are one of my favorite preparations to spin. For the Thicket Gloves in this issue, I selected two 2-ounce batts from the Artemis, Artemis Etsy store as I wanted a semisolid/lightly heathered yarn for this project. […]

Substituting Yarns • Commercial or Pre-spun

Most of the knitting patterns you’ll find on Ennea Collective are designed to take advantage of generic yarns, whether they might be hand-spun or commercial yarns. Although it’s not as simple as checking around to find the original yarn used in the pattern, as it is for many knitting patterns, it’s still possible to find (or spin) a yarn which will yield beautiful results. […]