Tools • The Yarn Caddy

by Cheryl McLane

The Yarn Caddy holds your yarn on a spindle while you are knitting so it doesn’t roll all over the place. It’s very useful with a center-pull yarn ball. If you are familiar with a center-pull yarn ball, it always collapses inward. The yarn caddy works from the outside end of the yarn which prevents the center from collapsing when the ball is almost finished. As a real plus, if you knit from the outside of the ball, the yarn won’t twist!  Simply place the cardboard tube on top of the ball winder and slide the yarn ball on the tube.

It comes with its own project bag and is completely collapsible for packing in a suitcase. The yarn caddy is made of red oak hardwood stained in one of four attractive finishes. The ornament at the top pulls off to slide the new yarn ball on the shaft which is 8″ high. To prevent it from sliding on a table, there are rubber feet on the bottom! Besides being very attractive, it’s a great new way to house yarn other than plastic sphere or a yarn bowl to prevent the yarn ball from rolling around.




A Modern Distaff
The yarn caddy can by used with roving. Pre-draft the roving and wind it around the cardboard tube, slide it on the shaft of the caddy, and spin directly from the caddy.

Lace Knitting
The yarn caddy is useful with certain yarn cones for lace knitting as the diameter of the shaft is 3/4″.

Commercial Yarn Balls
The yarn caddy can be used with commercially produced yarn, simply remove the ball band and insert on the shaft.

Multiple Projects
Extra tubes are available so that you can switch out your projects on the caddy to suit your knitting, crocheting or spinning moods.

The yarn caddy as well as Purdy Thangz happened by accident and the love of knitting! Purdy Thangz began four years ago as a result of a gift to a friend and my need for buttons that I couldn’t find in any store. The buttons were for a B-4 Bag class, “Buttons, Beads, Bobbles, and Bumps”. The handbag was gorgeous except for the beads that I couldn’t find anywhere to compliment the bag. I figured that if I wanted the perfect bag, I would have to make them; so, I dragged out my polymer clay and ended up making the most beautiful leaf buttons that were just perfect for my bag. One person after another wanted me to make them buttons for their garments or accessories. In the mean time, I found some cute knitting related charms and made my friend some stitch markers for her birthday. She showed them to the store owner at the next B-4 Bag class and the owner said that if I made some, she would like to sell them in her shop. Hmmm…. Thus, Purdy Thangz was born. I thought to myself, I can make some money now that I am retired, having fun, and doing what I want! This was a far cry from my previous profession as a tax accountant.

Purdy Thangz introduced shawl and scarf pins in 2010 in gemstone, glass, polymer clay and other unique shawl closures to our ever growing list of knitting, crocheting, and spinning accessories! We don’t sell yarn; we make things that make your knitted garments purdier!

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Photos © Cheryl McLane.

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